Developer's Notes - Danjin

Developer’s Notes – Danjin

This time, we would like to introduce to you the backstory of Danjin, a red-haired ranger girl. Danjin’s Appearance Danjin is a girl whose fiery red hair is as vibrant as balsam. Both her hair and her attire exude this…

Developer's Notes - Mortefi

Developer’s Note – Mortefi

Mortefi sports a neatly combed horsetail of crimson hair that cascades like a stream of flame. His eyes, deep-set and brimming with prideful aloofness, give off an air of elegant danger. Unlike the stereotypical researchers, who often come across as…


Profile Reveal: Dragon’s Breath – Mortefi

Loading Data>>> ✦MORTEFI✦ A member of the Academy’s Department of Safety, and an expert in Applied Tacetite Study, Mortefi can transform his built-up frustration into flames. From a fiery wrath that consumes all, the red dragon shall descend.

Developer's Notes Aalto

Developer’s Notes – Aalto

Aalto is a Congenital Resonator. He was born in the New Federation amidst a rare fog that had not been seen for years. A Street Magician that Brings Joy Aalto often entertains those with a long face with his magic…

Developer's Notes - Sanhua

Developer’s Notes – Sanhua

Sanhua’s Backstory Sanhua is a Resonator who rarely lets her emotions show. You can sense a certain distance when you first meet her. Sanhua is also careful not to burden others with her actions. Perhaps, her personality stems from her…

Resonator Showcase - Sanhua - EVER SO PURE

San’hua Resonator Showcase – EVER SO PURE

Kuro Game has revealed the first Resonator trailer featuring San’hua, the four-star character that uses Glacio (ice) and her sword to deal heavy damage and boost the party’s attack! The untainted white feathers against the skies, thawing the shackles that…

Wuthering Waves Gamescom 2023

Wuthering Waves Exhibiting at Gamescom 2023

Wuthering Waves will be exhibiting at Gamescom 2023, where we will be able to see the game in more detail as well as some other extra stuff! It will be exciting to see how the game has developed since its…

Concerto Energy Bar

Concerto Guide

Concerto Concerto are powerful elemental skills performed by 2 Resonators. These trigger when switching Resonators while having a fully charged Concerto Energy bar. Concerto Energy Concerto Energy can be seen in the bar to the left of the Health bar.…

Enemy List

Crownless [Havoc] It preserves high RES against Havoc DMG. You can parry Crownless’s attack to stagnant it. Comparing with evasion and other attacks, it’s more efficient this way. Bell-Borne Geochelone [Glacio] It preserves high RES against Glacio DMG. This MO seems to preserve impenetrable shells. Only shows cracks upon the Bell carried…