Tower of Adversity

This section will contain all our guides to Tower of Adversity – keep an eye out for updates! Here is an introduction to the game mode below.

The Alone in the Abyss quest unlocks Tower of Adversity at Union Level 15 after campaign Act IV.

    • Stable Zone (1 Tower, 4 stages)
    • Experimental Zone (2 Towers, 4 stages each; 8 stages total)
    • Hazard Zone (3 Towers, 4 Stages each except for 1 with 2 stages. 10 stages total)

Tower of Adversity Menu

Hazard Zone’s Middle Tower Stages

  • Stages are challenged separately, you can use different comps per stage and zones and change all of their equipment too.
  • After completion, you’ll gain Points that let you buy upgrades and Phantom Echoes (Their “shiny” version)
  • You cannot attempt later stages without doing the previous stages first.

Tower of Adversity Store