Profile Reveal: Cleansing Reflections — Jianxin

Loading Data>>>  ✦Jianxin✦ Jianxin, a Taoist monk and successor of Fengyiquan, has dedicated her life to mastering the ultimate martial art. With the power to harness and transform environmental Chi, she can create protective barriers that purify both body and…

Wuthering Waves: Developer's Message

Wuthering Waves: Developer’s Message

Greetings, Rovers! It has been a while since the previous Wuthering Waves beta test.  First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you who have been following and supporting the development of…

Profile Reveal: Healing You’tan — Baizhi

Loading Data>>>  ✦Baizhi✦ Baizhi is a researcher in Remnant Ecoacoustics.Baizhi’s once unfulfilled wish has now manifested as her loyal companion. The Remnant Creature You’tan is her source of healing powers, and a lifelong research focus.          …

Profile Reveal: Gallant Blaze — Chixia

Loading Data>>>  ✦Chixia✦ Chixia is a young Patroller who casts her jubilant figure along the streets of Jinzhou city. She’s always ready to be someone’s hero.              

Wuthering Waves CBT2 Recruitment FAQ

Wuthering Waves CBT2 Recruitment FAQ

CBT2 recruitment is in full swing! To help Rovers understand the details of the CBT2 recruitment, we have compiled the following FAQs and answers. We recommend Rovers read them carefully before filling out the recruitment questionnaire. >>>About Recruitment<<< Q1: When…

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta II Recruitment Open!

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta II Recruitment Open!

As the sound of the waves reverberates endlessly, civilization embarks on a new journey once again. As humanity rises anew from the ashes of the apocalypse, you, Rover, are poised for an adventure of Awakening. Wuthering Waves Closed Beta II…

Blossom of Slashes - Taoqi

Developer’s Notes – Taoqi

Taoqi’s Look Taoqi, a mature Resonator with a laid-back personality, exudes a sense of understanding and protection. She patiently listens to others’ troubles and offers guidance with calm deliberation. Though she carries a relaxed and gentle aura, she becomes determined…

Profile Reveal: Blossom of Slashes — Taoqi

Loading Data>>> ✦Taoqi✦ Taoqi is the director of border defense at the Ministry of Development. Despite her seemingly laid-back demeanor, she consistently proves to be a dependable and supportive individual, always lending her hand to those in need. Taoqi is…

Developer's Notes — Yuanwu

Developer’s Notes — Yuanwu

Yuanwu’s Story Yuanwu is a martial artist known for his mastery of Leihuangquan, a swift and powerful style named after lightning and thunder. His lightning-fast fists strike with streaks of blue energy, leaving his opponents reeling from the full force…

Profile Reveal: Fist of Thunder — Yuanwu

Loading Data>>> ✦Yuanwu✦ Yuanwu owns a boxing gym where he teaches martial arts and health management. He is well-respected in the community for his cordial demeanor and pleasant temperament.      

Developer's Notes - Danjin

Developer’s Notes – Danjin

This time, we would like to introduce to you the backstory of Danjin, a red-haired ranger girl. Danjin’s Appearance Danjin is a girl whose fiery red hair is as vibrant as balsam. Both her hair and her attire exude this…

Developer's Notes - Mortefi

Developer’s Note – Mortefi

Mortefi sports a neatly combed horsetail of crimson hair that cascades like a stream of flame. His eyes, deep-set and brimming with prideful aloofness, give off an air of elegant danger. Unlike the stereotypical researchers, who often come across as…


Profile Reveal: Dragon’s Breath – Mortefi

Loading Data>>> ✦MORTEFI✦ A member of the Academy’s Department of Safety, and an expert in Applied Tacetite Study, Mortefi can transform his built-up frustration into flames. From a fiery wrath that consumes all, the red dragon shall descend.

Developer's Notes Aalto

Developer’s Notes – Aalto

Aalto is a Congenital Resonator. He was born in the New Federation amidst a rare fog that had not been seen for years. A Street Magician that Brings Joy Aalto often entertains those with a long face with his magic…

Profile Reveal: Mistcloak Strike — Aalto

Loading Data>>> ✦AALTO✦ Aalto is an enigmatic Information Broker, known for his elusive nature and welcoming smile. Rumor has it he’ll provide any information at the right price.        

Developer's Notes - Sanhua

Developer’s Notes – Sanhua

Sanhua’s Backstory Sanhua is a Resonator who rarely lets her emotions show. You can sense a certain distance when you first meet her. Sanhua is also careful not to burden others with her actions. Perhaps, her personality stems from her…

Profile Reveal: Snow Waltz — Sanhua

Loading Data>>> ✦SANHUA✦ She is the asura that brings catastrophe. She is a silent protector.  Born visionless, Sanhua later acquired abnormal visions in the wake of Waveworn Phenomenon — the unsettling frequencies she once feared are now her source of…

Wuthering Waves Gamescom 2023

Wuthering Waves Exhibiting at Gamescom 2023

Wuthering Waves will be exhibiting at Gamescom 2023, where we will be able to see the game in more detail as well as some other extra stuff! It will be exciting to see how the game has developed since its…

Wuthering Waves Fan Art Contest – Winners Reveal

Dear Rovers, The Wuthering Waves Fan Art Contest has concluded. Having received many remarkable creations, we would like to thank everyone for your passion and hard work! Please enjoy the winning entries: ✦First Prize✦ Twitter @Akemi_100pai   ✦Second Prize✦ (No particular…

Developer’s Notes – Combat System

Combat In Wuthering Waves The combat style of Wuthering Waves can be expressed in the three following aspects: “Fast Pace Action”, “Visually Appealing Combat Representation”, and “Strategy Oriented Team Building”. You would already have experienced the first two aspects during…

Profile: Counting Sheep – An’ke

Loading Data>>> ✦Black Shores – An’ke✦ Member of the Black Shores Union, always accompanied by two Woolies.  Her cheerfulness brings everyone with joy, yet few know of her fears when faced with darkness.

Profile: Scarlet Apparition – Danjin

  Loading Data>>> ✦Midnight Rangers – Danjin✦ Member of the Midnight Rangers, with strong desires and affection for families and belongings. Anyone dares to harm her “family” will be buried underneath her scarlet surge.    

Developer’s Notes – Resonators of First Encounter

Many ideas and interpretations came across our minds when designing the characters within the world of Wuthering Waves. Rovers must also be eager to learn more about the trio of Resonators who they would initially meet at the very start…