[Bountiful Crescendo] Featured Material Double Drop Event


The Sonoro Spheres are undergoing an accelerating collapse due to the Waveworn Phenomenon. However, this is also intensifying the energy within, resulting in more valuable materials.

Use the Waveplates to maximize your rewards from the Remnant Crystals.


From 2024-07-11 04:00 - 2024-07-18 03:59 (server time)


Reach Union Level 14.


- Complete Simulation Challenge and Forgery Challenges during the event and spend Waveplates for double rewards.

- Simulation Challenge and Forgery Challenge share the double rewards claims.

- During [Bountiful Crescendo], you can claim double rewards 3 times a day, and the remaining double rewards claims can be viewed in the [Bountiful Crescendo] event page.

- During [Bountiful Crescendo], double rewards claims refresh daily at 04:00 (server time).



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