Closed Beta Test Server Opening Announcement

The Closed Beta test for Wuthering Waves starts 2023/04/24 at 18:00 (PT)!

Following the sound's guidance, you will venture forth into a world of uncharted wonders and uncover the stories of your own past.


✦Test Type: Closed Data-deletion Beta Test

✦Test Time: Begins on 2023/04/24 at 18:00 (PT). The end time of this test will be announced at a later date.

✦Test Platforms: PC, Android, iOS


1. All in-game contents of this Closed Beta Test is still under development and do not represent the game's final quality.

2. Your account data will be cleared once the Closed Beta Test is over. We will continue to listen to every Rover's opinion and keep improving the content quality of Wuthering Waves. Thank you for your understanding and support!

3. Should you encounter any issues or have feedback and suggestions to share, please use the [Contact Us] function in-game or join our official Discord server to contact customer service.

>>>Before You Start<<<

1. After the Closed Beta Test starts, you can enjoy the beta on only one PC and one mobile device.

2. Your Closed Beta Test qualification will be bound to the device that you used to log in for the first time. During the test period, you cannot switch between devices of the same platform (PC or Mobile).

3. Attempting to log in from multiple devices of the same platform may result in your account being permanently banned during this Closed Beta Test.

4. During the Closed Beta Test, operations such as system reinstallation, system upgrade, and device hardware replacement on your bound device may also cause login failure.

5. Appealing for account penalties will be unavailable during this Closed Beta Test. Account penalties will not be lifted.

Thank you again for your continued attention and support!


Wuthering Waves Dev Team


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