Developer's Notes - Mortefi

Developer’s Note – Mortefi

Mortefi sports a neatly combed horsetail of crimson hair that cascades like a stream of flame. His eyes, deep-set and brimming with prideful aloofness, give off an air of elegant danger.

Unlike the stereotypical researchers, who often come across as rigid and inarticulate, Mortefi exudes a sense of nobility. However, a fervent intensity lurks within his gaze. While his words are gracefully spoken, there lies a dormant dragon within him, nestled amidst the ashes. His politeness, akin to a thin layer of snow, conceals the fiery volcano that awaits its moment to erupt.

Crimson Dragon Born in Flames

Mortefi's design draws inspiration from the legendary fire-breathing dragons of European folklore.

His right chest bears a Tacet Mark, adorned with a striking red crystalline matter that extends down his right arm. These crystalline formations closely resemble the scales of a dragon. To conceal these unique features, Mortefi covers them with bandages and dons fire-resistant gloves. However, when his fury ignites, these "scales" grow exponentially.

The red crystalline substance grants him the ability to manipulate fire. With subtle guidance, he can channel flames down the scales on his arm, creating a mesmerizing display reminiscent of a dragon's mighty claw. When Mortefi fully unleashes his Forte, a spectral dragon manifests behind him, its form composed of blazing petals that dance and flicker with intensity.

An Elegant Geek

Classical music always fills the air in Mortefi's laboratory, providing the perfect backdrop for his work. With the intricate and precise compositions serving as his muse, Mortefi would write scientific equations with flames in the air as he contemplated his latest research, much like a devoted conductor leading an orchestra.

Even on the busiest of research days, Mortefi never neglects his afternoon tea ritual. He firmly believes that indulging in fine desserts helps replenish the energy his brilliant mind consumes.

While Mortefi's noble heritage demands a flawless image, he devotes minimal time to anything other than his research. His crimson hair, though simply combed, always remains impeccably neat. Similarly, Mortefi's pristine white robe, his constant attire, rarely bears any signs of wrinkles or stains. His obsession with cleanliness and orderliness extends seamlessly into his laboratory, where everything is meticulously arranged.

Hubristic, Irritable, but Never Cruel

The combination of Mortefi's chilling face and proud eyes immediately convey that he is not someone amiable. 

His patience for anything outside of his lab is incredibly limited, easily leading to agitation. In these moments, he subconsciously starts fidgeting with a lighter adorned with dragon patterns. 

Usually, Mortefi doesn't use this lighter for ignition; but once the bear is poked, he won't need a lighter for fire anyway.

In European folklore, dragons are often associated with chaos and evil, known as fire breathers and fearmongers. Mortefi, however, never uses his fire irresponsibly. 

Born into nobility, he was raised and educated in a manner that molded his hubris and grace. Yet, amidst the aristocratic circles he inhabited, he couldn't help but notice the hypocrisy and indifference that pervaded their interactions. This realization ignited a flame within him, one that he cleverly wielded to mock the imperious and scorch those lacking sincerity.

Dragon? Grumpy Cat!

Mortefi is not one to get angry for no reason. Deep down, he is a gentle soul who responds well to coaxing. Whenever he starts getting cranky, a small concession from his funders, accompanied by praise for his creations, is all it takes to make him approachable once again.

In fact, as long as you can clearly articulate what kind of invention you want, he is willing to strive towards making your desires a reality, no matter how unrealistic they may sound. Sometimes, this irritable "Red Dragon" feels more like a grumpy, puffed-up cat, who can be easily appeased with simple petting.

Perhaps you could even try keeping Mortefi in a state of alternating calm and anger by provoking him and then immediately offering consolation? Do it at your own risk, though...

A Fire Exclusive to Mortefi

Flames manifest in various hues. Mortefi's fire possesses a distinct crimson color that symbolizes unbridled wrath. It mirrors the blistering flow of lava beneath solid stone and smoldering cinder. Born from his repressed childhood and taxing career, this fire within him ignited under certain circumstances. Fueling his heart with wrath, Mortefi harnesses his blaze to incinerate hypocrites and snobs who dare cross his path.

However, his flames now find a different purpose as he dedicates himself to research. As long as his temper remains ablaze, the fire within Mortefi will never cease. 

Perhaps, as a brilliant inventor, he has already planned the intricate circuitry that fuels his fury.

Blaze Blooms in Bile

Mortefi's fire is a substantialization of his accumulated negative emotions. As the combat unfolds, Annoyance builds up in him, which, when fully charged, will result in an enhanced Resonance Skill. By then, his enemy will know the furious Dragon's flame.

Basic Attack

Mortefi uses pistols empowered with Tacetite energy. 

He shoots gracefully and lethally. Every shot that hits the enemies builds up his Annoyance.

Hold down the attack button, and Mortefi will gracefully aim at enemies with even greater precision, unleashing enhanced shots that inflict more damage.

Resonance Skill

The Red Dragon roars amidst the ashes of its enemies, unleashing fiery blazes as a form of punishment. Mortefi swiftly fires a blaze towards the front, simultaneously building up Annoyance.

When Annoyance is maxed, Mortefi's Resonance Skill is immediately refreshed and enhanced. His enhanced Resonance Skill utilizes all the stored Annoyance to release a scorching streak of flames, inflicting greater damage upon a wider range of enemies.

Forte Circuit

Mortefi is always suppressing his temper, but the flames he controls in battle only serve to further fuel his frustration. Once Annoyance is maxed, Mortefi fully embraces the Red Dragon of his wrath. Summoning a spectral dragon from the fiery depths, Mortefi unleashes it upon a broader array of foes, while simultaneously expending all of his built-up Annoyance.

Resonance Liberation

The Red Dragon asserts his dignity through fiery flames. Mortefi inflicts aerial damage upon nearby enemies. 

As the waves of fire intensify, his adversaries have no choice but to surrender to the Dragon's awe-inspiring presence.
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