Blossom of Slashes - Taoqi

Developer’s Notes – Taoqi

Taoqi's Look

Taoqi, a mature Resonator with a laid-back personality, exudes a sense of understanding and protection.

She patiently listens to others' troubles and offers guidance with calm deliberation. Though she carries a relaxed and gentle aura, she becomes determined and resolute when making promises. This has earned her the role of a dependable big sister figure, despite her age.

Taoqi's lazy nature is evident in her lifestyle — she always carries a heating eye mask for impromptu naps on soft surfaces like beds or sofas. She loves dozing off while leaning on her friends' shoulders.

Taoqi's Trouble

Known as a trustworthy and caring big sister, Taoqi is often sought out for advice. From career to relationship issues, people confide in her, leading some to label her the "Gossip Queen." 

In fact, Taoqi simply listens and observes, offering guidance to those who seek it. She has no interest in spreading rumors or using others' words for entertainment, instead focusing on helping them solve their problems.

Taoqi's Work-life Balance

Taoqi believes in maintaining a clear boundary between work and personal life for success.

Nothing stops Taoqi from getting off work on time. Once she clocks out, she is unreachable and colleagues only find her notes. She would be in the comfort of her home, organizing the day's tasks while resting on her trusty Peachy Turtle pillow. She will not fall asleep until she has made sure everything is in order.

At work, Taoqi excels in efficiency and attention to detail, earning a reputation for reliability among her colleagues. Her ultimate dream is a future with less work and more relaxation. But for now, she remains dedicated to protecting the city of Jinzhou. Until her goal is achieved, Taoqi will continue her vigilant approach to safeguarding the community and ensuring peaceful days for all.

The Unhurried Guardian

Taoqi is known for her slow and deliberate movements. However, this same quality has made her a strong and dependable protector.

As a child, she faced bullying for her pace but found solace in those who patiently waited for her. As she grew up, she eventually found her strength in slowness to protect the ones she cherished.

As an adult, Taoqi uses keen observation and thoughtful planning to safeguard the people of Jinzhou. Her deliberate nature is not a weakness; instead, it has allowed her to establish a reliable defense system for the city.

Though not one for frontline battles, she diligently works in the background, orchestrating defense strategies and supporting civilians. Her strength lies in bringing peace to chaotic situations and protecting those she cares for.

But when needed, Taoqi can hold her own in combat with skill and precision.

Taoqi's Fighting Style

As a reassuring presence in the team, Taoqi excellently assumes the responsibility of the protector. Much of her ability goes under her unique defense mechanisms. Use her ability wisely, and then every member of the team will be protected.

Normal Attack

Taoqi may seem laid-back, but her prowess in battle is unmatched. With her broadblade, she effortlessly lands consecutive strikes. 

Taoqi's heavy attack allows her to switch to a special Parry state. In this state, she can mitigate incoming damage.

Resonance Skill

Taoqi deals aerial damage to nearby enemies, restoring HP and generating shields around herself.

When the currently on-filed character is attacked, a shield is consumed to absorb the damage taken.

Additionally, when Taoqi is attacked, her Forte Gauge increases from the shield consumed.

Forte Circuit

Once Taoqi's Forte Gauge is sufficiently charged, her next heavy attack is enhanced.

With this enhanced heavy attack, Taoqi immediately unleashes a powerful counterattack against any incoming enemy attack, and she gains shields afterwards. This ends Taoqi's Parry state.

Her following basic attacks consume the remaining Forte Gauge to give her and her teammates shields that mitigate damage.

Resonance Liberation

In the midst of battle, Taoqi remains true to her lazy demeanor. She yawns before wielding her blade for a powerful, wide-range slash that deals Havoc damage. The outburst of energy also generates a special force field that slows down enemies within its confines.
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