Jinhsi Guide - Builds, Teams, and How to Play

Jinhsi Guide – Builds, Teams, and How to Play

Best Jinhsi guide for Wuthering Waves: Builds, skill priority, rotations, best weapons, echo sets, stats, team comps, and more.
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Jinhsi is a 5★ broadblade user of the Spectro element and the first dedicated Spectro main DPS in the game, released in version 1.1. Her overall gameplay revolves around ramping up power through the combined use of her Forte and Resonance Skill before delivering a devastating burst of damage.

The Jinzhou Magistrate’s Forte Circuit uses an excessive amount of words to say three things:

  • You build up your nuke by using your Resonance Skill every four basic attacks;
  • Your nuke gets extra power from the Incandescence stacks she gains by having allies deal damage to your target - this is represented by the bar shown above;
  • Every 25 seconds Jinhsi is treated as having full Concerto upon dropping her nuke, regardless of how full its bar really is.

There are also two major caveats to Jinhsi that need mentioning:
First, everything you do in the Incarnation state is treated as Resonance Skill DMG, meaning your basic attacks are not being boosted by Basic/Heavy Attack DMG bonus and no bonuses that activate on left-clicks actually trigger. Keep this in mind when rolling your Echo substats and selecting your weapon.

Second, all damage multipliers for attacks while in the Incarnation state come exclusively from her Forte Circuit skill node. All other skill nodes except for her Resonance Liberation only apply while outside Incarnation and will be completely ignored once you trigger her Forte.

As the first dedicated Spectro main DPS, Jinhsi has set a high bar to clear for any future Spectro character, and perhaps even for all other elements as well thanks to her raw damage output. It remains to be seen how Kuro Games’ future design choices will be affected by the aftermath of Jinhsi’s release.

  • Obscenely high damage output, even at low investment
  • Extremely cheap to raise for a 5★ character
  • Her kit is easy to understand, at least in practice
  • Jinhsi’s rotation allows for a degree of customisation with little to no DPS loss
  • Extended attack animations punish button mashing
  • So strong that she can make the game feel boring if overused

Jinhsi Rotations

While enemies are not sandbags and will attack you, Jinhsi’s combo doesn’t need to be executed uninterrupted, allowing a degree of flexibility in its use. However, in such a scenario, be mindful of the remaining duration of the Incarnation state as it ending prematurely will force you to restart the combo from scratch.

Forte Circuit Loop Switch-In

This is Jinhsi’s primary ability rotation in its default variant, focusing on delivering maximum punishment in as short as realistically possible timeframe. Keep in mind that Jinhsi’s Resonance Liberation will only be available every other rotation. While it is theoretically possible to have it ready every time, the opportunity cost of doing so - be it stacking ER% or delaying her entry onto the field - far outweighs the effective result.

• Intro Skill
• Resonance Liberation
• Plunge Attack
• Echo (Jué) - make sure to use it during the plunge attack
• Skill: Overflowing Radiance
• Skill: Crescent Divinity
• Basic Attack (Incarnation) 1
• Basic Attack (Incarnation) 2
• Basic Attack (Incarnation) 3
• Basic Attack (Incarnation) 4
• Skill: Illuminous Epiphany

As Jinhsi’s exact order of abilities is not set in stone, certain liberties can be taken in its execution for increased user comfort.

Resonance Liberation - Assuming it’s available, under most circumstances Jinhsi’s ultimate can be cast at any point during the rotation. However, if using Lustrous Razor or Helios Cleaver, it can be delayed until the very end of the rotation in order to squeeze out slightly more damage out of it.

Plunge Attack - As it is primarily used to generate slightly more Resonance Energy and its damage contribution is rather low, this move can be skipped if one finds it too inconvenient to use. Note that passing up on the plunging strike might not be desirable if using Autumntrace, as it is the only move that counts as Basic Attack DMG in Jinhsi’s rotation and can be used to grant her a stack of ATK from the weapon’s ability.

Crescent Divinity - Because basic attack chain progression during the Incarnation state is not reset when interrupted, Crescent Divinity can be delayed and woven in between the attacks as a way to quickly reposition if a target is about to launch an attack.

Parry Windows

Disclaimer: This is a work-in-progress section and will be updated as we learn more.

Being a melee character, Jinhsi is able to parry incoming attacks with all four of her basic attacks, Dodge Counter and plunge attack. Note that a successful dodge will chain into Basic Attack 3 outside of Incarnation state.

In her Incarnation state, not much changes regarding her basic attacks - she is still able to parry with all of them, though she loses access to her plunge attack and her dodge chains into Skill: Crescent Divinity instead.

Jinhsi’s intro can be used to parry an attack if timed correctly, but attempting to do so deliberately is impractical at best.

And while her Resonance Skill can parry while outside of Incarnation state…

…the same cannot be said about it during said state, or her Resonance Liberation.

Character Synergies


Are you tired of seeing Verina everywhere yet?

Jinhsi likes her ATK and All DMG Deepen buffs, which push her already high numbers into absurdity, no elaboration needed here. But, in Jinhsi’s case, the real deal is the Coordinated Attack she uses when attacking enemies marked with the Photosynthesis Mark, letting Jinhsi stack her Forte gauge faster. As if Verina needed more reasons to be good.
• Extra Incandescence generation
• 15% Team-wide All DMG Deepen
• 20% Team-wide ATK buff
• Rejuvenating Glow and Bell-Borne Geochelone
Baizhi, being usually an alternative or backup support pick, shares similar buffs with Verina, albeit with the caveats of not being team-wide and needing interaction with an on-field item she drops.
• Extra Incandescence generation
• 15% All DMG Deepen
• 15% ATK buff
• Rejuvenating Glow and Bell-Born Geochelone
Being a great source of Coordinated Attacks, Yinlin allows Jinhsi to stack Incandescence faster while also dealing good damage herself. The Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen buff she provides on her Outro is an extra cherry on top.
• Extra Incandescence generation
• 25% Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen
A surprising contender to the title of Yinlin Lite, at least as far as Jinhsi is concerned. While he won’t provide her with any direct offensive buffs save for the Moonlit Clouds sonata buff and Impermanence Heron, he makes up for it by being a cheap source of Coordinated Attacks, letting Jinhsi stack her Forte gauge faster.
• Extra Incandescence generation
• Shields (Resonance 4)
• Moonlit Clouds and Impermanence Heron OR Rejuvenating Glow with Originite: Type IV and Bell-Borne Geochelone

Honorable mentions

With the bulk of Jinhsi’s damage counting as Resonance Skill damage, she greatly appreciates Taoqi’s Resonance Skill DMG Deepen buff from her Outro. That is, if what you care for is screenshotting the biggest number when using Illuminous Epiphany, because Taoqi’s rotation is very slow in either of her roles and, in the Tower of Adversity environment, using her is not a whole lot better for your DPS than not having her on the team at all.
• Shields
• 38% Resonance Skill DMG Deepen
• Moonlit Clouds and Impermanence Heron
Rover (Female)
The now-available Spectro RES shred at maxed out Resonance Chain, while sounding really good on paper, turns out to not be as good as everyone hoped when compared to just stacking Incandescence faster. While undeniably being an obvious boon with no downsides, all it does for Jinhsi is allow her to win more where she already excelled - you still won’t want to bring her in against enemies resisting Spectro damage.
• Stasis aura
• 10% Spectro RES shred (Resonance 6)
• Moonlit Clouds and Impermanence Heron OR Rejuvenating Glow (Resonance 4)
Despite initial assumptions, Mortefi ends up being a surprisingly underwhelming option for Jinhsi. Between her Incarnation state left-clicks not counting as basic attacks but rather as Resonance Skills, and Mortefi’s Resonance 1 only triggering on the actual Resonance Skill button press, his Resonance Liberation barely does anything more than exist before the 6th Resonance Chain node, where he becomes a lot more useful thanks to the extra ATK he provides.
• Extra Incandescence generation
• 20% Teamwide ATK Buff (Resonance 6)
• Moonlit Clouds and Impermanence Heron

Team Comps


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Skill Priority

  1. Forte Circuit
  2. Resonance Liberation
  3. Intro Skill
  4. Resonance Skill
  5. Basic Attack

While the majority of Jinhsi’s damage is considered as Resonance Skill DMG, the damage multipliers for her attacks come almost exclusively from her Forte Circuit.


Jinhsi’s best-in slot-broadblade is, unsurprisingly, her signature weapon Ages of Harvest. In fact, it is so good for her that, as of version 1.1, it holds the record for the greatest margin of power increase among 5-stars. To add to its ridiculousness, the amount of Resonance Skill DMG it provides is so high that Jinhsi runs into the issue of diminishing returns when using the usual elemental damage bonus on her Echoes (due to the bonuses being additive with each other), and needs to switch up her main stats to continue effectively ramping up her power. Sheesh.

If her signature is not available, the next best thing for Jinhsi is either Jiyan’s signature Verdant Summit or the generic Lustrous Razor. While the former is better for raw performance (despite Jinhsi being unable to effectively use its Heavy Attack bonus), the latter is a valid choice if you need extra quality of life from the added energy regeneration that it provides.

As far as 4-stars go, Jinhsi’s selection isn’t that great - to tell the truth, she does not get a choice at all unless you are willing to spend money for the game's battle pass. Helios Cleaver leaves all but one 4★ broadblade in the dust with the sheer amount of ATK it grants Jinhsi, with the margin only getting wider with additional ranks. Its only rank 1 competitor is Autumntrace, which Jinhsi cannot realistically take proper advantage of due to not using basic attacks aside from the optional plunging strike. If you can manage to obtain three or more copies of Broadblade#41, it just barely manages to reach the numbers one would get from stock Helios Cleaver and Autumntrace - provided you can maintain the 80% HP threshold.

If none of these options are available, Broadblade of Night is a reasonable stand-in until a better sword can be acquired.

Weapon NameComparisonNotes
Ages of Harvest120.05%Jinhsi’s signature broadblade proves to be almost as ridiculously strong as her base kit. Aside from having a crit rate secondary stat, it also provides so much Resonance Skill DMG Bonus that she runs into a problem of diminishing returns when using it.
Verdant Summit105.20%For everyone else, an outstanding weapon choice. For Jinhsi, it’s a different flavour of Lustrous Razor without the extra QoL, and may be worse depending on your Echo substats.
Lustrous Razor100%An overall really good generic 5-star broadblade. It boosts Jinhsi’s ATK a lot, plugs up her energy regeneration needs, and makes her Resonance Liberation scarier. When delaying said Resonance Liberation to capitalise on the bonus this weapon provides, it can outperform Verdant Summit.
Helios Cleaver82.79%A generic ATK broadblade that, while usually inconsistent due to ramp-up time, works fairly well on Jinhsi thanks to her damage being backloaded into Illuminous Epiphany.
Autumntrace81.61%A more premium option of a broadblade, serving as a universally good stand-in weapon if no 5-stars are available. Unfortunately, Jinhsi is unable to easily stack its ATK buff as her basic attacks in the Incarnation state count as Resonance Skill DMG.
Broadblade of Night73.60%A reasonably strong 3-star ATK-buffing broadblade if no other offensive options are available.
(assumes you stay above 80% HP)
A reasonably strong option, trading a bit of damage for more energy regeneration. Requires multiple ranks to be a competitive choice. However, if the HP threshold cannot be maintained, its performance plummets to the point of barely being better than Dauntless Evernight.
Guardian Broadblade69.84%A strictly worse Broadblade of Night, trading ATK for a Basic Attack DMG bonus - which Jinhsi cannot effectively use in the first place due to how the Incarnation state works.
Dauntless Evernight65.54%Barely reaching the line of not actively crippling yourself, Dauntless Evernight’s primary issue is focus on buffing character DEF - something that Jinhsi doesn’t want or need.


Sonata effects

Set EffectComparisonNotes
Celestial Light 5p100%The default option, and the current best in slot for Jinhsi. It offers a sizable Spectro% bonus on casting her Intro skill, which might as well not be a condition at all.
Lingering Tunes 5p91.58%An alternate set that, despite Jinhsi’s backloaded burst, still does not manage to provide enough of a boost after 6 seconds to compete with the elemental damage bonus granted by Celestial Light.
Celestial Light 2p +
Lingering Tunes 2p
90.84%This combination should only ever be used as a transition set.

Active Echo Recommendation

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Celestial Light: Jué - Offering decent damage, a Resonance Skill DMG Bonus, and a damage-over-time effect that grants Jinhsi Incandescence stacks,  Jué easily proves itself as Jinhsi’s best-in-slot active Echo with no strings attached - especially considering that this is done without interrupting any of her moves or taking up any field time.

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Celestial Light: Mourning Aix - A straight downgrade across the board, Mourning Aix offers a less desirable damage buff spread, less total damage dealt and doesn’t help Jinhsi with stacking Incandescence. To make matters worse for the big bird, it also steals field time from Jinhsi and requires a swap-cancel to be used with any degree of effectiveness. It should only ever be used as a stopgap if one does not have access to farming Jué.

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Lingering Tunes: Mech Abomination - The only choice for the Lingering Tunes set if you insist on using it. It provides a somewhat respectable amount of damage and buffs your attack by 12% for 15 seconds. Most importantly however, like Jué, it provides its benefits to Jinhsi without sacrificing her field time or interrupting her attacks.

Mainstat and Substats


4Critical Rate % / Critical DMG %
3Spectro % / ATK %
3Spectro % / ATK %
1ATK %
1ATK %

Jinhsi’s main stat selection can be a little non-standard depending on the equipped weapon, and can be summarised in the following way:

If your Jinhsi is using Ages of Harvest, she wants to equip Crit DMG% on her 4-Cost Echo and ATK% on all others.
If your Jinhsi is NOT using Ages of Harvest, but is still using a weapon with Crit Rate% secondary stat, she wants to equip Crit DMG% and Spectro% on both her 3-Cost Echoes.

Otherwise, if she is not using any weapon with Crit Rate%, Jinhsi will want Crit Rate% and Spectro% on her Echoes.


4Critical Rate %
4Critical DMG %
1ATK %
1ATK %
1ATK %

Jinhsi’s alternate Echo setup, while potentially reaching higher numbers than the standard 4-3-3-1-1, comes with an important caveat to keep in mind: in order to break even, you need at least 15% Resonance Skill DMG Bonus on substats on top of all other bonuses you want to get. However, the good news is that unlike with the standard setup, your equipped weapon doesn’t matter here.

Sub stats priority


Sub Stat Priority
Energy Regeneration (until 35%) > Crit Rate = Crit DMG > ATK% > Flat ATK > Resonance Skill DMG = Resonance Liberation DMG
Follow Ratio of 1:2 for Crit Rate/Crit DMG


Sub Stat Priority
Energy Regeneration (until 35%) = Resonance Skill DMG > Crit Rate = Crit DMG > ATK% > Flat ATK > = Resonance Liberation DMG
Follow Ratio of 1:2 for Crit Rate/Crit DMG



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