Lunite Top-Up in Wuthering Waves

Lunite x60First-Time Bonus: Lunite 60
Price: USD 0.99
Lunite x300First-Time Bonus: Lunite x300
Price: USD 4.99
Lunite x980First-Time Bonus: Lunite x980
Price: USD 14.99
Lunite x1980First-Time Bonus: Lunite x1980
Price: USD 29.99
Lunite x3280First-Time Bonus: Lunite x3280
Price: USD 49.99
Lunite x6480First-Time Bonus: Lunite x6480
Price: USD 99.99

Everything in the Purchase tab just sells Lunite and you can buy them using real money. For the first-time purchase, you will gain double the amount that was stated there.
For example: If you buy the highest pack (Lunite x6480), you will get Lunite x6480 + Lunite x6480, a total of 12960 Lunites. But afterward, the bonus will be reduced to Lunite x6480 + Lunite x1600.

Should you buy any of these?

This really depends on your financial budget and could not be recommended whether you should buy or not. If you feel like you can afford any of the items and want to support the game, feel free to buy any of them. If not, of course, don't force yourself to spend money to buy any of these packs because I know it's not cheap for certain people. Please spend responsibly.

You can find more about every item in the Shops from this guide: What's Best in Wuthering Waves Shop


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