Start of CBT2 Qualifications Distribution Notice


Dear Rovers:

The qualifications for Wuthering Waves' CBT2 are now being distributed. You can check if you're qualified via the following methods:

1. Go to the CBT2 Qualification Inquiry Page and log in with the credentials you provided when you filled in the recruitment questionnaire. Then click "Check Qualification" to see if you're qualified.


2. Check the email you provided in the recruitment questionnaire. Qualified Rovers will be notified via email.

3. Rovers who gained the CBT2 qualification by other means (community events, for example) will be contacted via DM for further information after the events end. Please check your DM for messages from our verified official accounts.


1. The CBT2 Qualification email will be sent from [email protected] so they might be put in your "spam" or "subscription" folders. Please make sure to check them.

2. All the game content in CBT2 is still under development and does not represent the final quality of the game.

3. There will be no voiceover for the main story in CBT2. When Wuthering Waves officially launches, English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dubbing languages will be available. The developer team will strive to bring you better voiceover quality. We appreciate your support and understanding!

4. Sharing, lending, giving away, transferring, or selling test qualifications, accounts, clients, and other related actions are strictly prohibited during CBT2. Any users found engaging in such behaviors will have their qualification cancelled. To ensure the security of your personal information and assets, we remind you not to believe or engage in any activities related to sharing/trading of qualifications, account sharing/trading, or selling of test packages. This will help you avoid unnecessary losses.

We will make another announcement once we have completed distributing all CBT2 Qualifications. Please stay tuned! 

Thank you again for your continued attention and support!

Wuthering Waves Dev Team
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