Tactical Hologram: Tempest Mephis – How to Defeat

Tempest Mephis is one of the Tactical Holograms available in Wuthering Waves version 1.0. Defeat the boss to get First-Clear Rewards, including Astrite, Tempest Mephis, Data Set, Premium Sealed Tube, and Shell Credit.

Where to Find Tactical Hologram: Tempest Mephis

You can find Tactical Hologram: Tempest Mephis southeast of Sea of Flames in the Port City of Guixu. It is near the Tacet Field that rewards Molten Rift and Rejuvenating Glow Echo.

Different Difficulty Leads to Different Movesets

As you can see in the image above, there are 6 different difficulties for one Tactical Hologram challenge. Each difficulty featured different levels of the boss, and the attacks they use are also different depending on the level. The higher the difficulty, it will have a special mechanism.

Preparation Before the Battle

Choose the Right Attribute and Weapon

Tempest Mephis has increased RES to Electro DMG, so try not to bring any Electro characters (especially for your Main DPS)

In addition, there are a lot of parry-able attacks for this boss so it's best if you use melee characters like Broadblade and Sword, especially Sword because it has a wide range and fast attacks.
Of course, that is unless you're really good and know the character's kit like the back of your hand like Sweetily in the showcase below.

Craft Potions and Cook Dishes Beforehand

If you have a skill issue (like me), you can opt to consume dishes beforehand to instantly buff your teams, such as food that gives you extra ATK or Crit Rate buffs.
Aside from dishes, you should also bring any potions - like the Revival Inhalers - to the battle because the boss' attacks, especially in the late difficulty, hit like a truck and may one-shot your character if they're squishy or have low health.

Tempest Mephis Skill Set

Note: This guide is based on Difficulty 4 Level 70. Please refer to the Special Mechanism above for Difficulty 5 and above. Not all skill sets will be added here, mostly the notable ones only.

Most of Tempest Mephis' attacks can be parried so you want to bring a character that can parry easily like Broadsword Sword-wielding Resonators. Parrying can reduce Vibration Strength (the white shield under their HP) so it's best if you can parry the attacks and not avoid it. Another method to deplete the Vibration Strength is by using Intro Skill, which will delete a decent chunk of the shield's HP.

Parry after Tempest Mephis moves in a Zigzag

In this move, Tempest will move in a zig-zag before reaching your spot. When it's moving, you don't have to follow it. Instead, focus right in front of you so when the boss appears, you can see the Weakness Halo much more easily so you can parry it.

Evade Before Parrying the Aerial Combo Attack

Sometimes the boss loves to troll you. In this move, it will dash toward you first (and you can't parry it) so you can only evade. After that, it will go airborne before plunging towards your spot. This attack will rain from above so you might think it's hard to parry, but you can parry it right before it strikes you when it tries to land.

Evade after the Orb Disappear

When Tempest is charging its beam attack, you can move out of the way or evade it. No parry though. If you want to evade it, pay attention to its right hand where the orb is located. When it's getting smaller to none, immediately evade out of the way.

Evade after the Lightning turns to Red

When Tempest casts a circular Lightning AoE, pay attention to the colors. Once the purple lightning turns to red, immediately evade so you won't take any damage. This one can't be parried but can be evaded during Ultimate I-frame.

Evade Continuously If There's a Shadow Tempest on the Field

In the attack set above, it's easier to evade when there's only one Tempest Mephis. But in this attack set, once there are two of them, you really need to stop attacking and evade at the right time.
Sometimes, it's the real Tempest doing the high beam while the shadow Tempest do the Lightning AoE, and sometimes it's vice versa. And sometimes, both of them do the same thing, it's very random. It doesn't matter though as you need to avoid them both in the end.

Exercise Caution even when it's Down

Once the real Tempest Mephis's Vibration Strength is down and stunned for ~5 seconds, the shadow Tempest Mephis will still attack you! Pay attention to any moving shadow (usually coming from behind the real Tempest Mephis) and evade when you need to.

When it Disappears on Air, Keep Dodging

There is one attack that is quite troublesome because we can't even see Tempest Mephis as it fly too high (or turn invisible?). You can also see its HP and Vibration Strength at the top also disappear for a few seconds.
In this case, when you can't see its silhouette, keep dodging (2 or 3 times) until the boss slams itself to the ground - this attack hits really hard. If you're unlucky, this attack will be continued with the shadow Tempest attacking you. Another (probable) option is to control your camera to look above but I never succeed in catching a glimpse of it.

If Both Tempests are Attacking You, It's Better to Dodge

As I said in the title above, the shadow Tempest Mephis would often appear to attack you. Even worse if both of them attack you at the same time. If this happens, it's better to dodge than parry unless you're a master at parrying. If you fail to parry the first time and get knocked back, it will be hard to evade the second attack from another Tempest, resulting in even more damage taken.

Difficulty 6 Showcase

This video belongs to RIchardOriginal (YouTube)
This video belongs to Sweetily (YouTube)
This video belongs to Sensible (YouTube)

All Rewards From Tactical Hologram

Difficulty & LevelRewards
Difficulty 1 (Level 45)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (4 Star)
Data set ×200
Advanced Sealed Tube ×1
Shell Credit ×10,000
Difficulty 2 (Level 55)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (4 Star)
Data set ×200
Advanced Sealed Tube ×2
Shell Credit ×15,000
Difficulty 3 (Level 60)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (5 Star)
Data set ×250
Premium Sealed Tube ×1
Shell Credit ×15,000
Difficulty 4 (Level 70)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (5 Star)
Data set ×250
Premium Sealed Tube ×1
Shell Credit ×20,000
Difficulty 5 (Level 80)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (5 Star)
Data set ×250
Premium Sealed Tube ×2
Shell Credit ×20,000
Difficulty 6 (Level 90)Astrite ×20
Tempest Mephis (5 Star)
Data set ×150
Premium Sealed Tube ×2
Shell Credit ×20,000

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