Wuthering Waves Key Art - April 2024

Wuthering Waves Best Characters – Closed Beta II Tier List

Breakdown of the Wuthering Waves characters and their roles based on CBT2 data.

Welcome to our preliminary report on all Wuthering Waves Resonators. The rankings are from theorycrafting and playtesting in the Closed Beta II (CBT2) that ran from February 19, 2024 to March 17, 2024. The game releases globally on May 22, 2024 and this tier list will undergo a big reconstruction as soon as we can.

We understand tier lists such as these can be highly controversial. Our ultimate goal is to do a complete, objective review with more detailed explanations and build guides on each character so everything has better context on why characters are rated this way.

We'll see you there, Rovers!

Main Carry (DPS)

  • Encore is extremely good, just lacks the supports that other characters have.
  • Danjin is with an *. She gets a lot of base stats and just works really well without much effort.
  • Rover / Yinlin are there as a playstyle option, that is just not as good as their original intent (sup-dps)

Secondary / Sub-carry (Sub-DPS)

  • Yinlin & Sanhua are the best when it comes to dealing quick damage, regenerating energy and their buffs.
  • Aalto's outro is not as good for Jiyan as Mortefi, his damage is really low, his other utilities really suck. He has nothing going on for him with the current cast of characters realistically.
  • Yangyang doesn't really make for a "best" option in any team. Same thing for Rover, only Rover's damage is actually good.

Support / Sustain

  • Baizhi and Verina are the most flexible supports due to their stacking buffs that can fit in any team. Even if you have Verina, building Baizhi is super useful for a strong 2nd team.
  • Jianxin's liberation buff is decent, her damage can be decent with good swap canceling.
  • Rover's S4 allows them to heal the party after ulting. The heal sucks, its gonna heal for 100% of Rover's total attack which should be around 2k. Since you don't even build healing bonus%, the is really minimal and doesn't really make Rover a sustainer.
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