Wuthering Waves CBT2 Recruitment FAQ

Wuthering Waves CBT2 Recruitment FAQ

CBT2 recruitment is in full swing! To help Rovers understand the details of the CBT2 recruitment, we have compiled the following FAQs and answers. We recommend Rovers read them carefully before filling out the recruitment questionnaire.

>>>About Recruitment<<<

Q1: When will the CBT2 recruitment end?
A1: The CBT2 recruitment will end on 2024/02/07, 02:00 (PT).

Q2: How can I qualify for the test?
A2: You can obtain CBT2 qualification through the following ways:

  1. Visit the recruitment page and fill out the recruitment questionnaire:https://wutheringwaves.kurogame.com/en/cbt
    After the recruitment period ends, we will select participants from the submitted questionnaires to join CBT2.
  2. Participate in official social media events:
    For detailed information about the events, please follow our social media accounts.

Q3: Can I edit the submitted CBT2 recruitment questionnaire?
A3: Each Kuro account can only fill out the recruitment questionnaire once, and the information cannot be edited after submission. Please double-check the information before submitting the questionnaire.

Q4: When will the CBT2 qualification be announced? How can I confirm if I have obtained the CBT2 qualification?
A4: The specific time and instructions for distributing the qualifications will be announced separately. After the qualification distribution notice is released, you can confirm whether you have obtained the qualification through the following ways:

  1. We will notify the qualified Rovers via email.
  2. Use your Kuro account to log in to the qualification inquiry page to check if you have obtained the CBT2 qualification. This page will be available after the recruitment period ends.

Q5: If I selected multiple platforms in the questionnaire, which platform's qualification will I receive if selected?
A5: If you selected multiple platforms, we will assign the qualification based on your past game experience. Please refer to the platform specified in the download and installation instructions email for confirmation.

>>>About CBT2<<<

Q1: What is the basis of CBT2?
A1: CBT2 is a limited closed beta test, and the recharge function will not be available during the test. All game data will be cleared after the test ends.

Q2: Which platforms will CBT2 be available on?
A2: CBT2 will be available on PC, Android, and iOS platforms.

Q3: When will CBT2 start and end?
A3: The exact start and end times will be announced separately. Please follow our official announcements for further information.

Q3: Can I recharge in the current CBT2 version?
A3: No, the payment function will not be available during this test.

Q4: Will the game data be retained after CBT2 ends?
A4: No, all game data will be cleared after the test ends.

Q5: What languages are supported in CBT2?
A5: CBT2 will support English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Q6: What dubbing languages are available in CBT2?
A6: In the current CBT2 version, there will be no voiceover for the main story. When Wuthering Waves officially launches, English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dubbing languages will be available. The developer team will strive to bring better voice-acting experiences. We appreciate your support and understanding!

Q7: What are the device requirements for participating in CBT2?
A7: To ensure smooth game installation and experience, we recommend you refer to the following device configuration requirements:

  1. Minimum device requirements:
    Android: System version 7.0 and above, Snapdragon 835, MediaTek G71/72 or processor of equivalent performance
    iOS: iPhone 11 and above models, iOS 13 and above operating system
    PC: <Operating System> Windows 10 64-bit, <CPU> Intel I5 (9th Gen)/Ryzen 2700, <GPU> Geforce 1060/RX570, <RAM> 16G and above
  2. Recommended device requirements:
    Android: System version 7.0 and above, Snapdragon Gen1+/Gen2/Gen3 processor or MediaTek processor of equivalent performance
    iOS: iPhone 13 and above models, iOS 15 and above operating system
    PC: <Operating System> Windows 10 64-bit, <CPU> Intel I7 (9th generation)/Ryzen 3700, <GPU> Geforce 2060/RX5700XT, <RAM> 16G and above
  3. Reserved space requirements:
    Android/iOS: 12GB
    PC: 25GB

Q8: If I change devices during CBT2, can I continue playing on the new device?
A8: Here are the explanations regarding device and qualification binding:

  1. After the start of this test, each Rover can play the game on one device on both PC and mobile platforms. The test data is shared between the PC and mobile platforms.
  2. The CBT2 qualification will be bound to the device you first log in to the game with. During the test, you cannot change the device within the same platform.
  3. Changing devices or account bindings during the test will result in the game account being banned, and unlocking the account during CBT2 will not be possible. Additionally, reinstalling the system, upgrading the system, or changing device hardware during the test may also result in log-in failures.
  4. There is no appeal process available for CBT2, and once an account is banned, it cannot be unlocked.
    ※To ensure the security of your personal account information and assets, we remind you not to believe in any information regarding sharing/trading of qualifications, account sharing/trading, or selling of test packages. This will help you avoid unnecessary losses.

Q9: Can I publish the game content I experienced during CBT2, such as live streams, screenshots, and videos, on social media platforms?
A9: Yes, you can publish them. However, please note that all game content in CBT2 (including art resources, storyline, character performance, etc.) is from a version under development and does not represent the final quality of the game.

✦Official Customer Service Contact✦

If you have any questions during the recruitment and testing process, please contact our customer service through the following way:

Customer service email:

[email protected]

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