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Wuthering Waves Release Date Confirmed? Join Us at the Taipei Game Show!

Cryptic Tweet

Wuthering Waves Release Date CONFIRMED? Gamers are scrambling to decipher a cryptic Tweet by the developers of the highly anticipated open-world action RPG, Wuthering Waves. "Prepare for the arrival of tomorrow," the tweet reads, amassing over 400,000 views and igniting a firestorm of speculation.

Wuthering Waves promises an immersive adventure in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the mantle of "Rovers," navigating diverse environments, wielding novel technology, and engaging in thrilling combat. With rich storytelling, nonlinear gameplay, and captivating action mechanics, Wuthering Waves is poised to be a genre-defining experience.

Beautiful Wuthering Waves concept art

The Internet Went Wild!

But back to the Tweet. Does it herald the game's long-awaited arrival? Or perhaps the announcement of a new closed beta test? While some Reddit users celebrate a potential launch tomorrow, others remain cautious, citing the developers' attendance at Taipei Game Show 2024 (January 25th) as a more likely venue for major news.

Wuthering Waves release date when??

Could Kuro Game be saving their trump card for the grand stage of Asia's premier gaming event? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the cryptic tweet has set the wheels of anticipation spinning furiously. Whether tomorrow brings revelation or further intrigue, Wuthering Waves is undeniably riding a wave of rising excitement.

Taipei Game Show was also at G-star 2023 last year

Wuthering Waves Will be at Taipei Game Show 2024

Are you still thinking about that Tweet? I'm not surprised. Wuthering Waves is also making a splash at Taipei Game Show 2024 (January 25th-28th).

What or Who is Taipei Game Show?

Taipei Game Show, a gaming giant in the Asia-Pacific since 2003, attracts over 2,500 business visitors yearly. It's a crucial industry platform and a cornerstone event showcasing diverse content and matchmaking services. This year promises to be epic, with Wuthering Waves poised as one of its brightest stars.

So, what awaits at this highly anticipated reveal? Rumors swirl like sandstorms, hinting at a global release date, new characters, gameplay features, and even groundbreaking tech advancements pushing the boundaries of open-world immersion.

Regardless of the official announcements, one thing's certain: Wuthering Waves' presence at Taipei Game Show 2024 marks a pivotal moment for the game and the ARPG genre. It's an opportunity to connect with players, showcase progress, and fuel launch momentum.

Wuthering Waves Platform Roundup: Mobile, PC, and Maybe PlayStation?

Get ready to explore a vast open world, whether you prefer mobile, PC, or maybe even PlayStation! Wuthering Waves, the upcoming action RPG, is rumored to be coming to all three platforms.


While PS4 and PS5 haven't been officially confirmed by the developers, they were mentioned during a recent livestream. PlayStation versions would likely have higher graphics settings than mobile, aiming for ultra PC quality on PS5.

Wuthering Waves teaser gameplay at Unreal Fest

For mobile and PC players, exciting freebies await! Leaks from the beta suggest several free 4-star characters, a guaranteed 5-star character, a 5-star weapon, and more. Launch day might even bring additional in-game rewards via mail.


The Taipei Game Show 2024 serves as a crucial moment for Wuthering Waves—an opportunity to connect with players, showcase game progress, and generate momentum for its launch. For fans of open-world adventures, breathtaking visuals, and thrilling combat, stay tuned for the latest news from Taipei Game Show – Wuthering Waves is set to make a splash!

Furthermore, will tomorrow truly unveil the long-awaited arrival of Wuthering Waves release date? Or perhaps something else entirely? Regardless of the answer, the enigmatic Tweet has ignited a firestorm of excitement and speculation. Whether it's a full launch, a closed beta announcement, or something else entirely, one thing's for sure: Wuthering Waves is captivating the gaming world. Keep your eyes glued to your screens, because tomorrow could be the day the waves finally crash upon the shores of our gaming reality.

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