Wuthering Waves Release Date

Wuthering Waves Release Date – May 30, 2024?

Wuthering Waves has revealed its initial release date on the Epic Games Store page as May 30, 2024 but since has been removed!

Is Wuthering Waves Ready for Release?

The Wuthering Waves Epic Games Store page has been up for a good while now, but only the last day its page has been updated. It briefly revealed the release date as May 30, 2024 but since has been changed to 2024. Whether that is just a placeholder date or a target date, it is hard to say.

However, the Closed Beta II has only recently concluded and has shown the players the basic systems but not nearly enough for the game to be ready by this time. So in conclusion - this is most likely a placeholder date and ideally players would have to wait for a more polished version of the game.

With other big games such as Zenless Zone Zero and Arknights Endfield gearing up for release as well, 2024 is bound to be a pivotal year for free to play mobile gaming.

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