[Absolute Pulsation] Featured Weapon Convene: Boosted Drop Rate for Ages of Harvest

During the event, boosted drop rates for 5-Star Weapon: Ages of Harvest, 4-Star Weapons: Discord, Commando of Conviction, and Amity Accord!

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  • Ages of Harvest
  • Discord
  • Commando of Conviction
  • Amity Accord


From the 1.1 update - 2024-07-22 09:59 (server time)


Reach Union Level 8 or complete the combat trial in First Resonance and activate Convene function.

✦Convene Rules✦

- [Absolute Pulsation] is a Featured Weapon Convene event type.

- Use Forging Tide to convene. You are guaranteed at least one 4-Star or higher rarity Resonator or weapon every 10 attempts.

- The guarantee count is shared among all Featured Resonator Convene events and is carried over until a 5-Star Resonator is obtained.

- The 5-Star Weapon you Convene is guaranteed to be Ages of Harvest.

- Featured Weapon Ages of Harvest is exclusive to the Featured Weapon Convene and will not be available by other means once the event ends.

※For more details, please refer to the Convene screen in-game.

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