[Thawborn Renewal] Featured Resonator Convene: Boosted Drop Rate for Jinhsi

During the event, boosted drop rates for 5-Star Resonator: Jinhsi, 4-Star Resonators: Sanhua, Danjin, and Yangyang!

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  • Jinhsi
  • Sanhua
  • Danjin
  • Yangyang


From the 1.1 update - 2024-07-22 09:59 (server time)


Reach Union Level 8 or complete the combat trial in First Resonance and activate Convene function.

✦Convene Rules✦

- [Thawborn Renewal] is a Featured Resonator Convene event.

- Use Radiant Tide to convene. You are guaranteed at least one 4-Star or higher rarity Resonator or weapon every 10 attempts.

- The guarantee count is shared among all Featured Resonator Convene events and is carried over until a 5-Star Resonator is obtained.

- Featured Resonator Jinhsi is exclusive to the [Thawborn Renewal] Featured Resonator Convene and will not be available by other means once the event ends.

- Featured Resonator Jinhsi's Waveband will be simultaneously made available in the Afterglow Coral Store with a limit of 2 purchases, and it will be removed once the Convene event ends.

※For more details, please refer to the Convene screen in-game.

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