Best 5-Star Resonators for Voucher of Reciprocal Tides

Best 5-Star Resonators for Beginner’s Choice Convene and Voucher of Reciprocal Tides

How to select the best banner for your Beginner's Choice Convene and use your Voucher of Reciprocal Tides free pull!

After players complete the Novice Convene Event, Utterance of Marvels, players get to choose from one of the five banners to guarantee their choice of a 5-Star Resonator within 80 pulls called the Beginner's Choice Convene.

Players also receive a free Voucher of Reciprocal Tides to use on a separate Beginner's Choice Convene banner event that you can use to get a 5-Star Resonator of your choice instantly.

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  • Calcharo: Phantom Hunter
  • Encore: Wooly-counting Game
  • Jianxin: Cleansing Reflections
  • Lingyang : Frosty Gusto
  • Verina: Nature Calling

If you are not concerned with meta, you should always pick the 5-Star Resonator that YOU want. Note that Wuthering Waves is a new game and new information will be found soon, which may invalidate the information found here.

If you have Verina

Going for a main DPS is not a bad choice since you will need 3 teams for the endgame. At the moment, both Encore and Calcharo are about equal in terms of damage output; it will mainly depend on which playstyle you prefer.

For Encore, she suffers from not having dedicated Fusion support and needing to constantly animation cancel N5 to maximize damage output. If you can consistently pull off her animation cancels, Encore is currently one of the strongest damage dealers. Thankfully, her damage is decent even if you ignore her animation cancels.

As for Calcharo, doing his rotation correctly by weaving your skills and swapping gives him an edge over Encore. If you do his rotation wrong, he takes a huge hit to his damage output. Additionally, Yinlin is an upcoming Electro support who synergizes well with him making Calcharo a better long-term option.

If you don't have Verina

If you do not have Verina, then she should be your main go-to pick. The only other alternative who can act as a healer/support is Baizhi, and she is outclassed by Verina. As for endgame content, it will require 3 teams so having another buffer/healer is always a great choice.

Additionally, Verina’s kit allows her to synergize with all main damage dealers by providing an ATK% and DMG% buff. Overall, Verina is a no-brainer pick for those who do not have her and want the most flexible SSR.

Other choices?

For the remaining picks, feel free to go for them if you like their playstyle or want them. Jianxin is more of a utility character who provides shields and gathers enemies. While Lingyang is another damage dealer with a unique playstyle that swaps between ground and aerial combat. This can cause some issues where Lingyan cannot hit certain enemies.

Should you pick a dupe?

In general, No. Since the endgame/Tower of Adversity needs 3 teams, having a wide variety of Resonators is usually the better option. The only exception is Verina’s Resonance Chain 2, granting an extra Photosynthetic Energy and 10 Concerto Energy after using her Resonance Skill.