Wuthering Exploration Event

Wuthering Exploration – Event Guide and Rewards

Our complete guide to the Wuthering Waves event, Wuthering Exploration. How to clear, rewards, and more.

Wuthering Exploration, a time-limited event introduced in 1.0, involves completing two random tasks that are given out daily during the event period in order to gain survey points, which in turn grant you a generous amount of rewards and Astrite! This guide will go over the basics of Wuthering Exploration, the list of tasks that can be given out at random, as well as the rewards.

Event Duration: June 13 to June 27, 2024

Wuthering Exploration Overview

This event is automatically unlocked upon reaching Union Level 14, and will appear in your Event Page. Wuthering Exploration overall is very simple, as you are given two random tasks from a pool of tasks that reset every day at the server reset time

Simply do these two daily tasks in order to claim the survey points in order to work towards the goal of 140 points before the end of the event! Think of this as another thing to add to your daily rotation.

List of Survey Tasks

This list is subject to change as more tasks are discovered, but they are as follows, and as you can see, they are extremely simple for what you get in return:

Survey Task
Defeat 5 Enemies
Collect 3 Collectibles
Upgrade any Resonator 1 time.
Consume any Potion 1 time.
Use the Synthesizer 1 time
Obtain 1 piece of Raw Meat.
Consume any Dish 1 time
Upgrade any Weapon 1 time.
Upgrade any Echo 1 time.
Absorb 1 Echo
Tune any Echo 1 time
Complete Simulated Challenge 1 time
Clear any Tacet Field
Defeat 1 Overlord Class
You don't need to use Waveplates, just clear the challenge.


Considering how easy this event is, the rewards you get make this an absolutely must complete event, anyone should be able to do it!

20Astrite x200
Malleable Elite Class Echo I x1
40Premium Sealed Tube x10
Premium Tuner x50
60Astrite x200
Premium Sealed Tube x10
100Premium Sealed Tube x10
Premium Tuner x50
140Astrite x400
Malleable Elite Class Echo II x1
Total of 800 Astrite


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