Beginner's Choice Convene

Beginner’s Choice Convene Leak – 5-star Character Selector Banner

A new type of banner may be available to choose between Jianxin, Lingyang, Encore, Calcharo, and Verina.

A new type of beginner banner for Wuthering Waves has been leaked. Players are able to pull from one of the five Beginner's Choice Convene banners for one of the five standard banner characters:

Once you receive the 5-star character of your choice (up to 80 pulls), they will disappear.

Beginner's Choice Convene

  • Every 10 Convene must get 4 stars or more
  • Up to 80 Convene must get the target 5-star Character
  • This Convene closes after getting the target 5-star Character

Is It Real?

Of course, it is not confirmed that this is real and whether it will make it to the final version release on May 22, 2024.

However, the leaked image is being rapidly shared around on social media and players are praising Kuro Games in excitement already.

In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about the gacha and banner system in Wuthering Waves as we know it from Closed Beta II, read about it in our guide:
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