Closed Beta Test Recruitment Begins!

Abnormal interferences detected in the Gorges of Spirit, Tacet Field is awakening. Is it danger or hope underneath the quiet water?
Wuthering Waves Closed Beta Test recruitment begins! Dear Rover, it's now the time to wake up.

✦Recruitment Time✦

20:00 Mar, 20th, 2023 to 20:00 Apr. 14th, 2023 (PT)

✦Test Instructions✦

Test Name: Closed Beta Test
Platform: PC, Android, iOS
Test time: Start at 19:00 Apr. 24th, 2023 (PDT)

✦Qualification and Notice✦

1. You can join the survey by clicking the link below. We will randomly pick out Rovers from the submitted surveys and send qualification notifications through email.
2. Survey can be submitted only once, Please make sure you fill in the correct information.
3. Qualification notifications will be through emails afterward. You can check on official notice.

[Portal to Survey] 


1. All in-game content of this test is still under development, and does not represent the final quality.
2. Qualification will only be valid for this Closed Beta Test, all your in game data will be reset after the test.
3. To ensure the qualification acquisition, Please make sure you submit the survey with all correct information.
4. Due to the IP limitation and localization progress. This test will only be available for testers in United State and Canada. We appreciate your understanding.
5. Qualified Rover of iOS platform will get iOS-TF downloading links through email.
6. Any account and client sharing/trading is forbidden, you will be unqualified and your account will be banned once detected with such behaviors. Please take care of your personal account information and your property, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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