Developer’s Notes – Resonators of First Encounter

Many ideas and interpretations came across our minds when designing the characters within the world of Wuthering Waves. Rovers must also be eager to learn more about the trio of Resonators who they would initially meet at the very start of their journey. So, we hope to share our notes, to help Rovers understand more about them. 


1.1 Like wind flowing at your side

The first character for the Rover to know in the world of Wuthering Waves, Yangyang will be the starting member on your team as you set on the journey. She plays key parts in upcoming stories, as well. 
Utmost gentleness is going to be the impression of Yangyang in her long companionship going forward.

Even in this land of pain and destruction, there are still ones keeping their maximal kindness "naively", of whom Yangyang is an embodiment. She endeavors to find the perfect solution out of the impossible; She dedicates herself to the defense of all the goodness, even sometimes at the cost of herself.
Being gentle never means ever-surrendering tolerance; on the contrary, it brings great power. That warrants a natural depth and a contradiction to Yangyang's personality: she must be tough and even obstinate to be a practicer of kindness.
Of course, this comes at an expense. On the journey, Yangyang might face crises and loss due to her character.

1.2 The Skylark that praises beauty

The images of Wind and Feather. They leave the impression of light and soft. Under some conditions, however, they may show unexpected strength.
These two images come close to Yangyang's way of being gentle: a soothing, innocent girl in ordinary times, but a warrior like howling winds during fights.
This extends our imagination and reminds us of Percy Shelley's To a Skylark: "Languor cannot be ... Thou lovest, but ne'er knew love's sad satiety".

Skylark is not a peculiar kind of bird like Fenghuang or eagle, but it is an idealization, a praise for beauty and happiness.
May Yangyang bring solace to you just like a skylark, in this world of surging tides of sounds.

1.3 Gentleness: Key to Yangyang's Image

Gentleness might be one of the classic tags of a character that is most common but most difficult to define, especially for Yangyang, as she is not "weak" in the way people would generally tell of a gentle character.
With that in mind, when Yangyang was being put into shape, we hoped she could shine more different lights to catch your attention, except from the above-mentioned images of skylark and feather.
For example, a sense of first love. Yangyang's general impression is warming, just like your childhood sweetheart, who has been here so long, that you will always recall the first sight of her, no matter how far you have gone, or how many faces you have met.
Another role she plays is a listener who senses the breezes. Yangyang is not someone of strong mood swings; instead, she listens quietly, and feels closely. She connects to the wind, in her way.
Hence, a girl soothing like the wind and yet strong in her senses, came to Rover's side.


2.1 Chixia Is Gonna Light Up Your World!

In an overall depressing world, there is a passionate and candid companion, unfearful of letting her emotions be heard, accompanying Rover carrying out more and more exciting adventures going forward.
By featuring eye-catching bright red colors in her appearance, along with a backward-tied sprout, all of which manifests the passionate and high-spirited characteristics of Chixia.

Chixia's outfit bears a rather bold style similar to collage and cut-out arts. During battles, parts of her outfit flutters with the wind as she performs actions, further highlighting the superb pistol-wielding skills of Tiancheng's favorite hero.

Chixia features various distinctive personal traits, such as fondness towards spices, and cherishing of the macram bracelets she wears from her home, etc. These reflect her status of being a migrant to Tiancheng, which in turn draws out a detailed and complete worldview of Huanglong.

2.2 Chixia? Or Ma Xiaofang?

Throughout the history of Huanglong, many migrants from various regions of the nation moved to Tiancheng. The Ma family was one of the many.
As Xiaofang pursues her hero dream, she always wanted a renowned nickname of her own, just like those from the plays, to boost confidence when in need. Hence the nickname "Chixia", Blazing Dawn.
But of course, besides these "glorified excuses", the real reason behind the nickname contains notions of Xiaofang's own personal motives. Which is something that is left for Rover to discover.

2.3 Chixia's Hero Dream

Having witnessed her own courageous father fighting for his nation, the regular visit to hero-themed plays during her childhood, and even the valiant atmosphere among the Tiancheng population resisting the Wuthering Waves, all played a part in the illumination of Chixia's passion for heroism.
A hero can be many forms, whether it be a distinguished warrior possessing the might to turn the tides of battle, or an unsung servant who gives in silence yet asks for nothing in return.
For Chixia, the word "hero" means someone who can face their fears head on, someone that's able to safeguard those in need during critical times. No matter family, friends, or any other person requiring assistance, Chixia is always the first to step forward.
By exploring a variety of directions, Chixia ultimately chose to pursue this path in mind. She is a vibrant figure for the entire Tiancheng to view.


3.1 A Cold Archaeologist

As one of the three companions Rover would meet early on in the journey, Bailian is a rather cold and reserved person when compared to the gentleness of Yangyang and the enthusiastic Chixia.
Not only a "Cold Beauty" who distances herself from others, as an archaeologist of the Huanglong Academy, Bailian's personality also bears the rationality that of a scientist.

Thus, due to having extreme rationale, Bailian features some peculiar traits. One of which is showing meticulous attention to details, not being able to stand descriptions such as "a touch of oil" within cooking recipes, and instead she will precisely measure the amount of ingredients needed using a proper scale...

3.2 The Birth of You'tan

You'tan is a Remnant symbiotically connected with Bailian. It obeys Bailian's commands, and is able to reflect her physical condition to a certain degree.
Bailian was once left in a life-threatening situation, one which downright demolished her trust of other human beings, leading to You'tan's birth in the process. In Bailian's own words, You'tan is "a copy of myself".
Rather to have trust in others, Bailian is more willing to trust You'tan. You'tan also seems to possess powers of inversion, embodying Bailian's kindness and will within itself.

3.3 Diving Into Bailian and You'tan's Appearances

Similar to her name "Bailian", White Lotus, Bailian's appearance shows hints of her cold personality. Her clothing style features simple yet elegant black & white coloring.
On the other hand, Bailian is a lady of action who would more than often explore archaeological sites personally. Therefore, her outfit is rather close-fitting and function orientated, at the same time not lacking in Huanglong characteristics in its detailing.

You'tan presents an airy and streamlined overall appearance, showing matching elegance to that of Bailian. The many mysterious petal-like patterns that surround its body can also be seen as an echo to its master's name.

The entirety of You'tan‘s tail section is hollow, which extends a sound spectrum acting as the connection with Bailian. You'tan's personalities can also be examined during combats and interactions with Bailian.


Three Resonators, three distinct personalities. Even more mysteries around them await Rovers. Encounter and discover them in person. Subsequently, we will continue to unravel the world for Rovers to perceive.
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