Wuthering Waves Epic Game Store Echo Starter Pack

Echo Starter Pack

Celebrate the Epic Games Store MEGA Sale and receive the free Echo Starter Pack code.

MEGA Sale Cosmetic Offer: Celebrate the Epic Games MEGA Sale and get the Echo Starter Pack for FREE! This promotion starts on May 22, 2024 at 10pm EDT and will end on June 13, 2024 at 11am EDT.

✦Echo Starter Pack Content✦

  • 1 Incomplete Echo
  • 10 Premium Tuner
  • 5 Advanced Sealed Tube

✦Redeem Info✦

  • Validity Period: Before 6/23 11:59 am EDT.
  • Usage max: Each account can only redeem 1 time.
  • Redemption Conditions: Rovers reached Union Level 2 can unlock the redemption entrance.

✦Redeem Steps✦

Firstly, purchase Wuthering Waves and the Echo Starter Pack on Epic Games Store (in that order). Both are free, and downloading the game via the Epic Games Store is not necessary. The code will be emailed to you directly!

To redeem the code:

  1. Open Wuthering Waves,
  2. Navigate to Terminal – setting – Other Settings – Account – Redemption Code in game.
  3. Enter the CD key, click Confirm to redeem the gift,
  4. Confirm the mail in game, get the free content !

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