End of CBT2 Qualifications Distribution Notice

End of CBT2 Qualifications Distribution Notice

Dear Rovers:

The qualifications for Wuthering Waves' CBT2 have all been sent. 

CBT2 will be starting at 2024/02/19 10:00 (UTC+8). You can check if you're qualified via the following methods:

1. Go to the CBT2 Qualification Inquiry Page and log in with the credentials you provided when you filled in the recruitment questionnaire. Then click "Check Qualification" to see if you're qualified.


2. Check the email you provided in the recruitment questionnaire. Qualified Rovers will be notified via email.


The CBT2 Qualification email will be sent from [email protected] so they might be put in your "spam" or "subscription" folders. Please make sure to check them.

Customer Service:

If you encounter any issues during your qualification check, please contact our Customer Service:

[email protected]

Thank you again for your continued attention and support!

Wuthering Waves Dev Team

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