Sun-sinking Eclipse Echo Farming Guide

Sun-sinking Eclipse Effect

2pcs Set: Havoc DMG +10%
5pcs Set: Havoc DMG +7.5% after releasing Basic Attack or Heavy Attack. This effect stacks up to 4 times, each stack lasts 15 seconds.

List of All Sun-sinking Eclipse Echoes

Keep in mind that some echoes have 2/3 Sonata Effects. For example, Chirpuff has either Sierra Gale or Sun-sinking Eclipse. If you obtain a Chirpuff Echo, its Sonata Effect will be randomized from those 2 options.

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Sun-sinking Eclipse Farming Route

Big thanks to YouTuber SpolyM for the route, you can also refer to their video guide below if you want to follow through a playthrough.

Route 1 - Sea of Flames, Port City of Guixu
Route 2 - Forbidden Forest, Dim Forest
Route 3- Settle Range, Distribution Center & Thorny Passage in Wuming Bay
Route 4 - Whining Aix's Mire
Route 5 - North and northwest of Jinzhou City, Central Plains
Route 6 - Withering Frontline & Camp Overwatch in Desorock Highland

Video Farming Guide

This video belongs to SpolyM (YouTube)

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