Wuthering Waves Key Art - May 2024 - Version 1.0

Starter Guide

The ultimate beginner's guide to Wuthering Waves! Everything you need to know to best start the game.
Wuthering Waves Key Art - May 2024
  • Sprint doesn’t consume stamina outside of combat
  • You have a grapple that covers medium-tall distance (consumes stamina)
  • Mid-air jump (consumes stamina and resets once you touch the ground)
  • Wall-running (depletes more stamina but lets you climb faster)
  • More control over your movement while sliding off an incline
  • While wall-running, if you hit a roof ledge, your character may grab from it and lift themselves above it.
  • When you stop gliding, if you hold any movement input (WASD) you’ll still move towards that direction as you fall. You can also stop at any time.
  • The Gadget Menu can slow-time as you pick a tool
Gadget Menu


Pioneer Association Rewards
Relic Rewards
  • Spectro (Light)
  • Havoc (Dark)
  • Fusion (Fire)
  • Aero (Wind)
  • Glacio (Ice)
  • Electro


Small, Medium and Bosses

Enemies’ Stagger and Vibration Strength

Flawed Attacks

Flawed Attack are marked by a Golden Ring


  • TD-Core (Discorded Monsters)
  • Cell-Core (Infected Animals)
  • Rings (Humanoids/Rebels)
  • Masks (Fractsidus faction)


Extreme Evasion Effect
  • Weapons
  • Normal, Heavy and Plunge Attacks
  • Forte Circuit and Fortes
  • Intro and Outro Skill
  • Resonator Skills and Liberation
  • Resonance Chain


Normal, Heavy and Plunge Attacks

Forte Circuit

Rover's Forte Circuit
Yangyang's Forte Circuit
Sanhua's Forte Circuit
Rover's Fortes

Intro and Outro Skills

Character Displays | Intro and Outro Effects Menu

Resonance Chain

The Terminal

Terminal Level Menu
Rover's Echo Menu

Cost System

  • Crit Rate
  • Crit Damage
  • ATK, DEF or HP
  • Healing Bonus
  • Elemental Bonus Damage (of any element regardless of the set)
  • ATK, DEF or HP
  • Energy Regen
  • ATK, DEF or HP

Rank | Rarity

  • Flat HP, ATK or DEF
  • % HP, ATK or DEF
  • Bonus Heavy or Normal Attack Damage
  • Bonus Resonance Skill Damage
  • Bonus Resonance Liberation Damage
  • Crit Rate
  • Crit Damage
  • Energy Regen
You can see the 1 cost Lizard shared across all 3 different sets.
  • Training Zone: 40.
  • Weapon | Forte materials: 40.
  • Tacet Field: 60
  • World Bosses: 60.
  • Weekly Bosses: 60.

Union Level

  • Stable Zone (1 Tower, 4 stages)
  • Experimental Zone (2 Towers, 4 stages each; 8 stages total)
  • Hazard Zone (3 Towers, 4 Stages each except for 1 with 2 stages. 10 stages total)
Tower of Adversity Menu
Hazard Zone's Middle Tower Stages
  • It uses a Vigor System
    • Characters have 10 Vigor and each Stage consumes 1 to 4 Vigor based on the difficulty.
    • Vigor is shared across all Towers in one zone. (Stable Zone’s vigor won’t affect Experimental Zone’s)
    • Characters can recover any spent Vigor by resetting your score on a stage- but you’ll lose all “stars” from that Stage.
  • Stages are challenged separately, you can use different comps per stage and zones and change all of their equipment too.
  • After completion, you’ll gain Points that let you buy upgrades and Phantom Echoes (Their “shiny” version)
  • You cannot attempt later stages without doing the previous stages first.
Tower of Adversity Store


  • May 28, 2024: Updated for Version 1.0 release.
  • May 22, 2024: Transfer of the initial guide and separation of the Priority Guide.

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