Wuthering Waves CLOSED BETA TEST Review

Dear Rovers,

It's been a while since the CLOSED BETA TEST concluded and we'd like to keep you updated on the game. First, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all that followed our game or participated in the Closed Beta Test. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Your feedback from in-game messages, social media posts, and surveys is greatly appreciated. We have started follow-up development for Wuthering Waves, in which we will prioritize the following aspects:


We have received a lot of feedback on the storyline during the CBT. Future improvements will focus on the storyline, including but not limited to:

・Rewrite the storylines for some of the main missions and side quests;

・Adjust the personalities of some characters;

・Add English voicelines and improve dubbing quality;

・Optimize cutscene presentation.

We will continuously work on refining the storyline. We hope to improve your experience with the main missions and side quests.


Localization quality is another focus of future improvement, as Wuthering Waves will be available globally. We are taking steps to improve the quality of text translation, voicelines, and interactive content. 

In addition, more languages will be supported in the future. We look forward to bringing our global audience a better gaming experience. 



Game Art

We will be improving multiple aspects of the game's art and design according to your feedback during the CBT, including character design, environment design, UI design issues, and more.



We plan to continuously work on improving the performance issues frequently mentioned in your feedback. 

Listed below are some of our preliminary performance improvement plans:

・Optimize the game client to reduce lagging, frame drops, and crashes;

・Fix pixelated models, key sensitivity issues, and camera follow;

・Optimize the mobile experience, including making the interface layout, graphics quality, and frame rate customizable.



We are further polishing the existing content while developing new gameplays for you to enjoy. 

Listed below are some of our preliminary gameplay improvement plans:

・Further improve the combat experience;

・Provide a richer "Echo" system with more possibilities;

・Rework the beginner tutorials

・Optimize the Modulation system.

More gameplay updates are already in the works. We will keep working on improving your experience.

We are also working on other new content in addition to the changes listed above.  We will keep bringing you exciting new content to enjoy in Wuthering Waves. 

Your valuable feedback will always be greatly appreciated. Transparency and open communication are our top priorities, and we will take every piece of your feedback seriously. 

We strive to create an open and positive Wuthering Waves global community for all. Thank you again for your continued attention. We can't wait to show you an improved version of Wuthering Waves next time. Until then!

  Wuthering Waves Dev Team




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