Wuthering Waves Fan Art Contest – Winners Reveal

Dear Rovers,

The Wuthering Waves Fan Art Contest has concluded. Having received many remarkable creations, we would like to thank everyone for your passion and hard work!

Please enjoy the winning entries:

✦First Prize✦

Twitter @Akemi_100pai


✦Second Prize✦

(No particular order)

Twitter @o5AGGGI

Twitter @SecretFj520

✦Third Prize✦

(No particular order)

Twitter @vanelv3689

Twitter @RaijuuNara

Twitter @espressocrml

Twitter @Hikkio

✦Excellence Prize✦

(No particular order)

Twitter @Datzanka

Twitter @neuro_tyan

Twitter @Shel0Lee

Twitter @Neoziken

Twitter @RikkuShinra

Twitter @kukeeskukus

Twitter @aoiii0313

Twitter @yasuo33299145

Twitter @MissBigotesArt

Twitter @Com1221

Congratulations to the winners of our very first fan art event!

Our official Twitter account (@Wuthering_Waves) will notify winners individually through direct messages within 3 business days regarding prize delivery. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Check out the winning entries from the JP community: https://wutheringwaves.kurogame.com/jp/announcement/405



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