Wuthering Waves Developer’s Message Vol. 3: Version 1.1 Preview

Dear Rover,

To give you a sneak peek into what we have in store for you in future updates, we'll share the latest adjustments we're making to the game via Developer's Messages before each new version's launch. We'll also use these messages to address common issues with the current version and share details on related optimizations and adjustments.

Wuthering Waves Version 1.1 "Thaw of Eons" is right around the corner. Here's what to expect in the new version:

✦Echo System✦

I. New Tuner Synthesis Feature

To address the issue of lower-grade Tuners piling up in your Backpack during the late game, we will be introducing the Tuner Synthesis feature in the Version 1.1 update. With this feature, you will be able to synthesize a certain number of Medium/Advanced Tuners into higher-grade Tuners using the Synthesizer.

II. Increased Union EXP Reward for Unlocking New Echo Entries

To improve the leveling experience and unlock the late-game content earlier for all players, we have increased the Union EXP reward for unlocking new entries of Echoes as of Version 1.1.

Additionally, we will compensate for the Union EXP differences when the new reward scheme is implemented based on the number of Echo entries you have unlocked during version 1.0. The compensation will be distributed via in-game mail. Make sure to check your mail and claim the rewards in time!

III. Higher COST Range for Echoes Rewarded for Activity Points

We've heard your feedback about the high variability in the COST range of Echo rewarded by gaining required Activity Points in Guidebook. To improve your experience, we have removed COST 1 Echoes from the Activity Points reward pool. Now only COST 3 – COST 4 Echoes will be rewarded as for Activity Points.

After the Version 1.1 update, once you accumulate 100 Activity Points by completing the Guidebook tasks, you will receive a random Echo of COST 3 or COST 4 quality.

IV. Data Bank Level Cap Raised

After the Version 1.1 update, the level cap for the Data Bank will be raised to Lv. 21. After reaching Lv. 21, all Echoes dropped will be guaranteed to be of 5-Star Rarity.

V. New Fun in Mt. Firmament: Echo Transformation

Get ready for some fun! In select areas of Mt. Firmament, you can now transform into Echo "Clang Bang" to explore the area. Stay tuned for more creative Echo puzzles and challenges in future updates!

VI. Other Optimizations

1. Removed Tacet Field reward collection animation. You may now collect the reward directly.

2.  Lowered Shell Credit Cost for Echo leveling.

3. Simplified the Cruisewing Challenge. We have slowed down the flying speed of the Cruisewing and extended the time limit to make the challenge more manageable. 

✦Events and Other Rewards✦

I. New [Depths of Illusive Realm] Content: Dreams Ablaze in Darkness with Raised Event Rewards

In Version 1.1, we will be introducing a new [Depths of Illusive Realm] event called Dreams Ablaze in Darkness along with new mechanics such as Tokens, Symphony Rank, and different Memetic Tuning available for you to create your own powerful build. Furthermore, the total event rewards will be increased to 1000 Astrites.

II. New Area Exploration Event: Mt. Firmament Area Events

To help everyone better experience the new Mt. Firmament area, we've prepared two exclusive area events for you: the area exploration event [Tales from Mt. Firmament] and the photo collection event [Traces of Mt. Firmament]. Complete these events to earn up to 800 Astrites, Premium Resonance Potions, Premium Sealed Tubes, and more.

III. Increased Convene Item Version Exchange Limit in the Item Exchange: Oscillated Coral Store

As of Version 1.1, you may redeem up to 7 of each of the following Convene Items, Radiant Tides, Forging Tides, and Lustrous Tides, in each installment of the Store.

IV. Preview of Other Special Events

Besides the optimizations and tweaks mentioned above, Version 1.1 is also bringing a bunch of other cool events your way: the 7-day login event [Gifts of Celestial Light], the featured commission event [Lollo Campaign], the featured combat event [Tactical Simulacra], the leveling material double drop event [Aftersound Abundance], the Echo double drop event [Chord Cleansing], and so on. Stay tuned for our official announcements for more event details.

✦Map Exploration System✦

I. New Mt. Firmament Layered Map

Due to the complexity of Version 1.1's new map Mt. Firmament, we've added the layered map feature to the area to help you better explore it. You can switch between different layers on the map for more detailed exploration guidance.

*Due to the volume of work involved in creating a layered map for all areas, the Layered Map for other areas in Jinzhou will be released in future updates."

II. New Area Quest Progress

After the Version 1.1 update, you will be able to track your progress on Exploration Quests for the current area via Map - Exploration Progress.

III. Expanded Detection Range for Lootmapper

To make it easier for players to track and find undiscovered Supply Chests nearby on the map, we will expand the detection range of Lootmapper after the Version 1.1 update. You can use and deploy the Lootmapper through the Utility wheel to search for nearby Supply Chests.

✦Quest and Gallery System✦

I. New Resonator Gallery Feature

After the Version 1.1 update, you can check all the Resonators you have unlocked and their unlocked time in Gallery - Crossing Stars.

II. New Story Dialogue Gallery Feature

After the Version 1.1 update, you can check all dialogues of completed Main Quests and Companion Stories in Gallery - Main Story.

III. Level Requirements Lowered for Some Main Quests

To unlock the late-game content early for all players, we will lower the level requirements for some Main Quests after the Version 1.1 update:

The requirement to unlock Main Quest Chapter 1 Act 4: Clashing Blades will be lowered from Union Lv. 14 to Union Lv. 11. Main Quests Chapter 1 Act 5 and Act 6 will become available once the preceding chapter quests are completed.

IV. More Number and Types of Guidebook: Activity Points Quests

We've heard your feedback about the limited ways to earn Guidebook - Activity Points. So, with the Version 1.1 update, we'll increase the variety and number of daily Activity Points tasks. We hope these changes make the quests more enjoyable for you.


✦Other Experience Optimizations✦

I. New Combat Style Tags

With the Version 1.1 update, we're introducing Combat Style Tags to categorize the combat mechanics of different Resonators. We hope this will help you better understand each Resonator's core combat style.

II. New Chat System Style

To make the chat system easier to use during gameplay, the chatbox will be displayed at a half-screen height after the Version 1.1 update.

III. Controller Mode Interaction Optimizations

1. Added a new camera adjustment setting for the controller mode. You can now invert the horizontal and vertical camera controls under Settings - Controls.

2. Changed the controller mode shortcut key: Open Chat is now Open Map.

3. Enabled key remapping for certain buttons on Sony PlayStation controllers, making it consistent with the remapping options available for Xbox controllers.


If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the content and experience of Wuthering Waves, you can submit them through in-game surveys or our feedback portal. We are committed to continuously improving the game to provide you with the best experience possible and your voice is invaluable in the process. For more previews of Version 1.1 and detailed update announcements, please join our official community and follow our social media accounts.

We truly appreciate your continued attention and support!



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