All Free Resonators and Weapons in Wuthering Waves

As a beginner, one would want to know what free Resonators and weapons they can get in the game so they can progress through the game smoothly. In Wuthering Waves, there are a lot of freebies for new Rovers, both playable characters and weapons.
Thank you to ArchangelX47 for compiling all the free items in the game and allowing us to reproduce them here!

Free Resonators in Wuthering Waves

Free Resonators (Image via ArchangelX47 on Reddit)

In Version 1.0, Rover (the main MC) has 2 different attributes: Spectro and Havoc. You can get Rover (Male) right from the start of the game and switch to Rover (Havoc) (Male) later in the Main Quest.

As we know in most gacha games, the main MC usually will get free upgrade materials (power-ups gained via character copies) and Wuthering Waves is not an exception. You don't have to gacha or purchase to get the Rover's Waveband because they can be obtained by playing the Main Quest, or completing the tasks as listed above. As of version 1.0, Rover (Male) can reach up until Sequence 4 (S4) and Rover (Havoc) (Male) until Sequence 2 (S2), with more being available in later updates.

Free Resonators (Image via ArchangelX47 on Reddit)

The first 3 characters in the table Yangyang,Chixia,Baizhi can all be obtained after an hour or two of playing through the Main Quest. While Sanhua is only available after 5 days of logging in and claiming her on the Gifts of Thawing Frost Event page. The last free 4-star Resonator is Yuanwu who is part of the rewards if you manage to clear Tower of Adversity: Stable Zone Stage 5.

Note that Baizhi can actually be skipped during the Convene Tutorial by waiting out the tutorial pop-up and exiting the menu. While Baizhi technically counts as a pull, she's always guaranteed as the first pull and is meant to be part of the starter character roster. No-pull players can decide whether or not to skip her.

Fun fact: All the free characters mentioned above cover all attributes and weapon types except for Broadblade, and possibly Rectifier if you skipped Baizhi.

Free Weapons in Wuthering Waves

Free Weapons (Image via ArchangelX47 on Reddit)

Weapon Supply Chest (Winter Brume Series)

Reach Union Level 45 to get a weapon selector that offers a free 5* weapon from the Winter Brume Series, which will be the strongest weapon F2P players will have access to. Remember that you can only choose one weapon only so choose it wisely!

Many would recommend getting either the Sword or Pistols because these two weapons provide Crit stat. Other weapons inside the series (Broadblade, Rectifier, and Gauntlet offer ATK stat instead). The Sword has the added advantage of being interchangeable between Rover, Yangyang and Sanhua so you can swap it between them as needed.

Weapon Supply Chest (Crafting Series)

These weapons weren't claimed for 'free' per se. More like, you will get the recipe on how to make the selected weapons. You can craft the weapon at Crafting Table in Jinzhou. You can craft unlimited copies as long as you have sufficient materials for it.

The materials you need to craft these weapons are Indigoite or Scarletthorn ores, and 2 Standard weapon mold which can be obtained from the weekly bosses (it's a random drop).

Dauntless Evernight and the Night Series Weapons

How to get Dauntless Evernight (4* Broadblade)

3 Treasure Chests from 3 Photographs
(All 3* Night Series Weapons)

These weapons can be readily obtained from gacha if you pull regularly so they're not something special you can't get elsewhere. However for players who didn't pull yet or didn't plan on pulling anytime soon, they will be the only copies you will get for now, so lock them as soon as you get them to prevent them from accidentally becoming fodder material.

If you haven't gotten them yet, you can refer to the YouTube video and our post above for guides on how to get them!

Guardian Series Weapons

A 3* weapon series that is cheap to craft and meant to be your baseline starter weapons that are better than the 1* Training or 2* Tyro Series. You will get a set of Swords, Pistols, and Rectifier weapons during the early portions of the Main Quest so Yangyang, Chixia, and Baizhi will have something to use as starter weapons.

Limited-Time Event Resonator / Weapon

Free Weapons/Resonators (Image via ArchangelX47 on Reddit)

For any Resonators or Weapons that are not permanent and will go away after a period of time, they will be listed here instead. The current freebies will last until May 2025 so there's a lot of time for new players to jump into Wuthering Waves and claim them.

Free Standard 5* Resonator

Best 5-Star Resonators for Voucher of Reciprocal Tides

This mind-blowing reward is compensation because of a rocky game launch (if you know, you know). The developers have chosen to give us a selector to choose a 5-star Standard Resonator of your choice. If you don't know who to choose, you can refer to our guide here: Best 5-Star Resonators for Beginner’s Choice Convene and Voucher of Reciprocal Tides

Friendly reminder that you did not get any Broadblade Resonator for free so Calcharo is the only Broadblade character that players who didn't pull on any banners can have. No pressure though to choose him, just reminding~

Weapon Supply Chest (Rangers' Series)

A 4* weapon selector that is claimable from the mail. Not much to say here but it is another option for No-Pull players to consider when developing their limited roster.


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