Wuthering Waves 30 Million Downloads Worldwide

Wuthering Waves Reaches 30 Million Downloads Worldwide – 10 Free Standard Pulls!

Wuthering Waves has reached a milestone of 30 million downloads worldwide across all platforms! Initially promoted to give 10 Lustrous Tides to 10 selected winners who reposted their social media post, instead 10 Lustrous Tides and 5 Crystal Solvents has been sent to all players via in-game mail.

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Players can use the Lustrous Tides on the standard character banners (Utterance of Marvels, Beginner's Choice Convene, or Tidal Chrous) or the weapon banner (Drawn Edges). It is recommended to pull on the weapon banner after you've finished the beginner banners, ideally for either the sword Lustrous Razor or pistol Static Mist for their highly desired Crit Rate stat. This is because the characters can be obtained via the premium rate up pulls regardless, and the weapons can be a bigger boost for your team.

Enjoy your free pulls, and also thanks for visiting WutheringWaves.gg!

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