Data Merge – Newest Echo System Addition

In the recent developer livestream for Wuthering Waves where they revealed the official release date for the game (May 22nd), Wuthering Waves revealed many changes that will be coming to the game in the release version.

Specifically for the Echo system which was massively talked about for having flaws, the developers revealed an interesting addition to the system that will improve the experience of collecting and disposing of Echos.

This feature is called "Data Merge", in which the player will be able to select 5 unwanted Echoes, in exchange for new ones. The rarity of the Echoes that the player will get will depend on their gourd level, and the amount of obtained Echos will vary from 1-3.

Obtained 1 new golden Echo in exchange of 5 green ones

From the examples in the screenshots above, we can tell that the minimum amount of is 1 and the maximum is 3.

This change will greatly help players who grind a lot, dispose of older, unwanted Echoes, and help reduce the grind by getting new high-rarity Echoes.

In CBT2 and CBT1, players complained about being unable to dispose of unwanted Echoes quickly enough and had to do so manually, 1 by 1. This feature is a much needed QoL that players have been asking for.


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