Wuthering Waves Echo Hunters Event

Echo Hunters Event Guide and Data Bank Farming Routes

Echo farming routes to complete the Echo Hunters Wuthering Waves event easily!

Echo Hunters unlock in the Event tab at Union Level 8. The three tasks can be completed at Union Level 20. It’s not hard in nature, just takes time because of Echo farming runs and a bit of navigating through the UI to find the target Echoes. This guide aims to inform you of Echo farming routes.

Collect target Echoes40 Asterite
Reach Data Bank Level 1030 Asterite
Complete "Silver-haired Echo Trainer"30 Asterite

Collect Target Echoes

Somewhat confusing if the player doesn’t click around the UI as trying to find where the target echoes are by text hints alone given by the game is huge guess work.

Simply click on the photos of Echoes you haven’t found yet and it will bring you to 2 screens. Press Track then Detect,


The target Echo should now appear in the map. Repeat until all echoes are found.

Farming Routes

To help the player reach Data Bank Level 10, here are a few farming routes that you can do daily or join another world. Note that there are stop gaps to prevent players from rushing to rank 10. Most notably, rank 8 needs SOL-3 Phase 3 or Union Level 20.

Disclaimer: Some markers may be slightly different from image as some Echoes do roam around, however they should very well be in the general vicinity. Some markers are also a one-time spawn and do not come back after the daily reset.

Location: Central Plains

The first farming point is by Central Plains, requiring 3 Resonance Beacons to access. We highly recommend this area, as it is easily accessible from the start of the game.

Echoes found:

  • Geohide Saurian
  • Young Geohide Saurian
  • Stonewall Bracer (roaming enemy usually found above the Parallel Perception)
  • Roseshroom
  • Young Roseshroom
  • Spearback
  • Fusion Dreadmane

Location: Dim Forest

The next farming route is a bit more out of the way but has WAY more enemies to farm. You can access this area on the bottom left side of the map called Dim Forest.

  • Yellow Arrow = Overworld
  • Blue Arrow = Underground

Echoes found:

  • Tick Tack
  • Tambourinist
  • Hooscamp
  • Hoochief
  • Roseshroom
  • Young Roseshroom
  • Flautist
  • Chasm Guardian
  • Fusion Dreadmane
  • Havoc Dreadmane
  • Excarat
  • Fission Junrock
  • Spearback
  • Chirpuff

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