We Promise, We Deliver Exploration Quest Guide

We Promise, We Deliver is an Exploration Quest that takes place in the Sea of Flames in the Huanglong region in Wuthering Waves. Here's how to start and complete the quest until the end.

How to Start We Promise, We Deliver Quest

We Promise, We Deliver is the first Exploration Quest that we will get after completing the [Ominous Star] Main Quest. But you can only unlock it after reaching Union Level 10. Check the "Wanted Poster" in the bulletin to start the quest.

Check the mail sent from Lollo Logistics

Open your in-game mail to read a mail from Lollo Logistics to continue the quest navigation. This will lead you to the Jinzhou branch of Lollo Logistics so you can ask them for more details (and me skipping all dialogues).

Go to the location of Mimika's contact touchpad

Keep following the quest navigation when told to go to the location of Mimika's contact touchpad in Sea of Flames. You will fight Inferno Rider but you are destined to lose in this phase because it has a barrier that can't be removed for now. After you magnificently lose, you will wake up in another location.

Continue following the quest navigation in searching for Mimika. If you already unlock the Nexus Beacon, just teleport there.

Head to the first abandoned research facility

There will be no puzzle after the battle until you talk to the Exiles in the first abandoned research facility. There, you will unlock the Spear Tip: Penetration Test where you need to attack all the normal targets.
Normal Targets: Yellow. Hit all of them.
Explosive Targets: An explosion symbol is marked on the target. Hit it to trigger an explosion to break the surrounding targets.
Trap Targets: A prohibition symbol marked on it. When hit, your points will be deducted.

Head to the second abandoned research facility

Then in the second abandoned research facility, another puzzle will be unlocked Spear Breech: Propeller Test. There are a total of 5 fuel pipelines in this facility that you can use to complete the puzzle. The only hard thing here is the location of each pipeline, but since all of them are inside the facility, you should be able to find them all by walking around a little.

First pipe

In the main room, place the horizontal pipe on the missing part near the fire thrower. Don't forget you can also rotate the pipe before throwing it down.

Second pipe

From the main room, look to your left and there will be another horizontal pipe. Pick it up and go to the right room to place it on the missing part.

Third pipe

At the right side again, there should be a L-shaped pipe. Pick it up and walk forward to place the pipe in the missing part. Keep in mind to rotate the pipe like in the image above.

Fourth pipe
Fifth pipe

The fourth and fifth pipes on the left side/room inside this facility both need L-shaped pipes. Roam around the room if you don't find any until you see it and place the pipes in the missing slot.

Activate all 4 Pressure Platforms

After completing the puzzle in this factory, keep following the navigation until you reach the point where you need to stand on all four pressure plates within the time limit. Use the grappling hook (press T) to reach all of them as fast as possible.

After you activate all pressure plates, hit the Training Dummy to hack into the Signals Console. The solution for the Signals Console puzzle can be seen in the image above.

Head to the edge of Sea of Flames

Another test will be given to you and this time, you need to hit the spear barrel with your Resonator to build the Hit Gauge displayed at the top of the spears. Those spears will be destroyed after the Hit Gauge is full, giving you temporary immunity to the surrounding Incenero Petal Pollens (a debuff you can get by standing on the red flowers).
After you done with the task, you can return to the assembly site to talk with Woodrow.

Head to of Sea of Flames

Return to Sea of Flames and this time, you will be using the Explosive Spears to attack the enemies surrounding the Sound Emulator. You will automatically equip the Levitator as utility function and hold T to grab the Spear and throw it at the enemies (similar to when you fix the pipes).

Defeat Inferno Rider

Face the Inferno Rider and this time you need to win. When it starts to generate the barrier, you will get an Explosive Spear from Mimika. Throw the spear to the Tacet Discord to destroy the shield and attack again.

After defeating the Inferno Rider, you can transform into it for a limited time during the quest to move along the track. You can control the Inferno Rider to wield the long blade to destroy the obstacles ahead or avoid the road signs.


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