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Viewpoint Locations Guide

If you’re looking for all photo spots (also known as Viewpoints), here’s a guide with all of their locations as well as their requirements. The pictures with Rover show the location of the viewpoint icon. Disclaimer: This guide contains spoilers…

Lampylumen Farming & Location Guide

This guide covers all the locations of Lampylumen ore as well as how to get to those zones. Keep in mind that the main area of Tiger’s Maw Mine can be fully explored once Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life from…

NPC Store Guide

This guide covers all available NPCs that sell items at a limited and unlimited quantity, as well as what to aim for based on your progress and their location. Disclaimer: NPCs sell various items at a unlimited amount. Please spend…

Wuthering Waves Preparation

Priority Guide

Things to focus on day 1 of the release of Wuthering Waves! We take you through to Union Level up to 40 so that you can play the game optimally with limited resources.