Wuthering Waves Verina Build Guide

Verina Guide – Builds, Teams, and How to Play

Best Verina guide for Wuthering Waves: Builds, skill priority, rotations, best weapons, echo sets, stats, team comps, and more.
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Verina is an amazing all rounder support that can fit in pretty much every team. Verina’s kit synergizes really with her main support echo set, granting a:

  • 35% permanent attack buff (via Rejuvenating Glow Sonata Effect and Inherent Skill)
  • 10% DMG buff and 50% Reduced damage taken (Bell-Borne Geochelone Echo)
  • 15% All type DMG deepen (Outro Skill)

Verina also has access to fast rotations as her concerto bar fills quickly when using certain attack strings. This is due to her Forte circuit giving additional concerto energy when her “Photosynthesis” stacks are used.

These stacks can be gained via Verina's intro, completing attack strings, or using her skill. Photosynthesis stacks can be used when doing heavy attacks or mid air attacks.

  • Good healing, while being easy to use
  • Fast Rotations (Intro to Outro time)
  • Universal team damage buffs
  • Actual Overworld Movement Tech Goddess
  • Best Supporter as of Patch 1.0
  • None really

Verina Rotations

Verina doesn’t exactly have a set rotation, as it varies from team to team or playstyle. But if the player wants to have a set rotation from intro to outro (with enough concerto energy) they can follow these rotations until more comfortables one can be found.

Note: While we do give example rotations, we don't recommend filling her concerto from start to finish unless running a hyper carry team (one unit doing pretty much all the damage). This is due to her wanted effects just being tied to her circuit forte/Outro. Simply just healing once, activating echo, and swapping immediately to Sub-DPS or main DPS is her preferred playstyle. This allows her to have the least amount of field-time as possible.

Switch in Example

  • Switch
  • Skill
  • Bell-Borne Echo
  • Jump
  • Basic ATK
  • Switch out/Outro

Note: An example of quick swapping Verina just to apply all of her buffs very quickly. This is usually done if a character on field has a very long ATK animation and continues even when swapped out (Ex: Calcharo circuit, Encore Resonance Skill). Her intro skill might ruin the flow of some rotations.
Time Stamp: 00:08

With Ultimate ready

  • Intro
  • Mid-Air Basic ATK 1 - 3
  • Plunge
  • Resonance Liberation (Ultimate)                   
  • Resonance Skill
  • Bell-Borne Echo
  • Jump
  • Mid-Air Basic ATK 1
  • Outro      

Note: This was done without variation (BiS wep). Verina's Resonance Liberation does NOT stop time

Without Ultimate

  • Intro
  • Mid-Air Basic ATK 1 - 3
  • Plunge
  • Skill
  • Heavy ATK                                                       
  • Mid-Air Basic ATK 1 - 3
  • Plunge
  • Bell-Borne Echo
  • Outro 

Note: This was done without Variation (BiS Wep) This rotation should finish sooner with variation and can outro accordingly. Verina needs to at least hit the target once with a plunge ATK for concerto energy to be full.

Situational Tech

If these rotations can’t be done due to no DPS windows, needing to dodge or simply different playstyles. There are a few tech to keep in mind when it comes to Verina. Verina’s Basic attack rotation to get her “photosynthesis” stacks can be shortened via switch in (no intro skill) or dodge counter attacks.

Parry Windows

Disclaimer: This is a work-in-progress section and will be updated as we learn more.

All of Verina’s Basic Attacks have the chance to parry enemies’ attacks. Although it will depend on the player, the most realistic parries are string 1, skill, and plunge ATK. These attacks come out almost instantly and fit in well with a quick-swap playstyle.
Swapping into Verina with an Intro Skill can parry attacks, which usually results in you dealing double shield damage. This usually doesn’t come into play until you finish your main-DPS rotation and return to your support.
Another instance of Verina’s parries being inconsistent; It is possible to get a parry sound and animation, but not deal shield damage or stagger. We are currently not sure what causes this. We will update this portion if new information is found. 

Character Synergies and Team Comps

As a universal DMG support, Verina synergizes with any main/sub-DPS.

Skill Priority

Verina mostly wants 2 skills when it comes to team buffing utility. Those are:

  • Inherent Skill Gift of Nature: Buffs teams ATK by 20% for 20s when using a forte circuit enhanced attack, Liberation, or outro skill.
  • Grace of Life: Protects against fatal damage and grants a shield for 10s, useful for Tower of Adversity. Can be triggered once every 10 minutes.

If focusing on healing, then skill priority would be:

  • Resonance Liberation
  • Forte Circuit
  • Basic ATK >= Resonance Skill >= Intro Skill (All of these only increase damage)


Verina doesn’t really want any fancy 5* weapons. She wants weapons that can help her concerto and energy regen, luckily she does have a perfect 4* weapon for that, and select other cheap weapons that help with energy regen.

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  1. Variation: Improves smoothness of rotation via extra concerto energy and improved energy regen when using Verina’s skill
  2. Rectifier of Voyager: Restores resonance energy when using Verina’s skill to a lesser degree when compared to Variation. Wants at least 1 ER sub to meet Energy requirements (getting a low roll is fine).


As for Verina’s preferred Sonata Set effect, Rejuvenating Glow is the clear choice. It essentially provides the team with a permanent ATK buff and boosts her healing output.

  • Rejuvenating Glow 5pc: ATK buff with 100% uptime and improves healing output.

Active Echo Recommendation

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  • Rejuvenating Glow - Bell-Borne Geochelone: A universally strong Echo that provides a shield that increases DMG% for the whole team. It also provides a shield that has a flat 50% damage reduction and lasts for 3 hits. These buffs disappear if the shield is destroyed.

Mainstat and Substats

4Healing Bonus/ATK
3Energy Regen
3Energy Regen
Sub Stat priority
Energy Regen > ATK% > ATK
High energy regen (+100% from stats) is recommended for more consistent Liberation Resonance rotations