Wuthering Waves Yinlin Build Guide

Yinlin Guide – Builds, Teams, and How to Play

Best Yinlin guide for Wuthering Waves: Builds, skill priority, rotations, best weapons, echo sets, stats, team comps, and more.
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A 5★ Electro character capable of dealing damage to multiple targets using her puppets and also AoE damage for crowds of enemies. She can mark an enemies with Punishment Marks that lasts after she leaves the field, inflicting Electro damage to the target when attacked by other characters.

  • Barely any field time, but is able to deal massive damage.
  • Extreme AoE capabilities
  • Great Resonance Chains
  • Swapping in and out characters constantly might be a bothersome playstyle for some people

Example Rotations + Skill Overview

Yinlin Specialty is swapping in and out in the middle of characters during long skill animations of other characters (Calcharo Liberation Mode, Encore Resonance skill). Yinlin also wants her circuit forte "Punishment Mark" to be active at all times, renewed every 18s if possible, as it is a major source for her damage.

Circuit Forte Fill Opener (ToA)

• Ultimate (Skip if outside ToA/Not Available)
• Resonance skill (Magnetic Roar)
• Resonance skill (Lightning Execution)
• Switch Character / Swap Cancel
• (Do Rotation for swapped in character)
• Swap back in
• Basic ATK 1
• Basic ATK 2
• Heavy ATK
• Heavy ATK
• Heavy ATK (Chameleon Cipher)

Note: Rotation to get her Circuit Forte and apply "Punishment Mark" ASAP at the start of a Tower of Adversity round

Circuit Forte Loop

• Echo (Swap Cancel)
• Intro
• Skill: Magnetic Roar
• Skill: Lightning Execution (Swap Cancel)
• Switch in - Basic ATK 2-4
• Resonance Liberation (If Applicable)
• Heavy ATK (Chameleon Cipher)

Note: Intro skill gives a whole chonk of Circuit Forte, this rotation will work on teams that can rotate between intro/outro skills smoothly.

Opener Rotation with Calcharo + Verina

This is simply an example rotation, and can be followed until a better rotation is found. This rotation requires Calcharo and Yinlin to have around 130%~ Total Energy Regen for smooth rotations. This rotation requires rather tight timings, and Calcharo needs to hit all his slashes or the rotation loses DPS.

• Verina Skill
• Verina Bell Borne Echo
• Jump - Mid Air ATK
• Swap to Calcharo
• Echo
• Resonance Liberation
• Heavy ATK "Death Messenger"
• Swap to Yinlin
• Resonance Liberation
• Swap to Calcharo
• Basic ATK 1-4
• Heavy ATK "Death Messenger"
• Swap to Yinlin
• Resonance Skill "Magnetic Roar"
• Resonance Skill "Lightning Execution"
• Swap to Calcharo
• Basic ATK 1-4
• Heavy ATK "Death Messenger"
• Swap to Yinlin (Intro)
• Finish Basic ATK rotation/Heavy ATK If Forte Circuit "Chamelion Cipher" Is not Ready (Optional)
• Heavy ATK "Chamelion Cipher"
• Swap to Calcharo (Intro)
• Resonance Skill 1-3
• Heavy ATK "Mercy"
• Swap to Verina (Swap Cancel "Mercy")
• Verina Skill
• Verina Bell Borne Echo
• Jump - Mid Air ATK
• Switch to Calcharo
• Echo
• Resonance Liberation
• Loop Rotation

Note: This is not a perfect loop, Yinlin's Intro will ruin the flow of the loop, adjust accordingly.

Skill Swapping

Most of Yinlin's Basic Attacks can be Skill-Swapped, but Basic 4 is the easiest due to its long wind-up time.
Both parts of Yinlin's Skill Magnetic Roar (Skill 1) and Lightning Execution (Skill 2) can immediately be Skill-Swapped upon cast. Note that if you choose to Skill-Swap during Skill 1, Skill 2 can no longer be used.
Yinlin's Basic Attacks have a long animation which can leave you vulnerable. There are ways to skip/shorten certain parts of her
rotation by doing certain actions.

• Performing a switch-in skips Basic 1, allowing you to go straight into Basic 2-4.
• If you perform an Intro Skill, Yinlin can skip directly to Basic 4
• Dodging attacks puts you at Basic 3, which is great when you need to improvise after an enemy attack.
Yinlin's Forte Circuit can be Skill-Swapped the moment it is used. This should always be Skill-Swapped, as you can take damage and potentially get interrupted if left on-field.

Parry Windows

Disclaimer: This is a work-in-progress section and will be updated as we learn more.

As of 6/8/2024, our testing has found that Basic 1, 2, and Plunge Attacks can parry attacks. Out of these 3, Basic 1 comes out the fastest and is the most practical.
Yinlin's Intro can parry attacks if timed correctly, but the practicality of this is questionable at best.
For Yinlin's Skill, only Lightning Execution (Skill 2) can parry. Once again, this ends up being a niche tech as you cannot hold skill 2 while switching to another character.

Skill Priority

  1. Forte Circuit
  2. Resonance Liberation
  3. Resonance Skill
  4. Intro Skill = Basic Attack

Most of Yinlin’s damage comes from her Forte Circuit, especially in AoE scenarios. Resonance Liberation is a decent chunk of her damage, so this should not be ignored. If you plan to have Yinlin as your Main DPS, leveling Basic Attack should be considered.

Character Synergies

Calcharo synergizes perfectly with Yinlin and can take full advantage of all the buffs her Outro provides. While this synergy is strong, you can no longer Skill Swap to Yinlin without losing buffs. This makes the team clunky to play if you want full uptime on buffs.
Verina synergizes well with all main/sub-dps, and Yinlin is no exception. She provides a team-wide All DMG Deepen and ATK buff. On top of this, Verina’s combos are short and do not take up a lot of field time.
Additionally, Verina has no problems running Rejuvenating Glow and Bell, offering the team a good mix of offensive and defensive utility.
• 15% Team-wide All DMG Deepen
• 20% Team-wide ATK buff
• Rejuvenating Glow and Bell-Borne Geochelone

Encore and Rover (Havoc) (Female)
Both Encore and Rover (Havoc) share short cooldowns. This allows them to fill a quick swap team and have either character fill in the downtime. Rover (Havoc) can also take advantage of Yinlin’s Outro to increase her Resonance Liberation damage.
List of skills that you can quickly swap between
Rover (Havoc)
• Resonance Skill (Normal and Umbra)
• Resonance Liberation
• Resonance Skill
Inferno Rider 3rd hit 
• Charge ATK
Baizhi is usually left as an alternative/backup pick, sharing similar buffs with Verina. Baizhi’s Outro only buffs the next character switching in, so you will need to adjust your rotation accordingly. Additionally, the ATK buff is NOT teamwide and requires your Main DPS to interact with an item. 
• 15% All DMG Deepen
• 15% ATK buff
• Rejuvenating Glow and Bell-Borne Geochelone
Mostly brought into stages that have enemies you want to gather. While this may sound underwhelming, there are stages in ToA that have multiple enemies in the same wave. She has the option of using Originite: Type IV for easy access to Rejuvenating Glow set effect at the cost of her own damage. 
• Gather
• Rejuvenating Glow with Originite: Type IV and Bell-Borne Geochelone

Team Comps

Calchero Hyper Carry

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Quick Swap

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Yinlin’s best weapon is her Signature Weapon Stringmaster. It provides an unconditional 12% All DMG Bonus and a stacking ATK Buff whenever a Skill hits an enemy. On top of this, it improves her off-field damage, which can be impactful in AoE scenarios. Cosmic Ripples is also a strong choice providing a hefty ATK boost and reducing ER needed on Echo substats.

For 4* alternatives, both Augment and Jinzhou Keeper are decent alternatives. Note that Jinzhou Keeper does lag behind when compared to Augment, with more dupes. If you don't have any 4* weapons, Rectifier of Night can be used until you have a better weapon. 

Weapon NameComparisonNotes
StringmasterR0: 115.81%Yinlin’s Signature Weapon and BIS. Provides buffs on-field and off-field making it a strong option. 
Cosmic RipplesR0: 100%Basic ATK DMG% is somewhat wasted on Yinlin but it offers a high base ATK, ATK%, and Energy Regen. 
AugmentR0: 81.06%Provides a hefty ATK buff and has Crit Rate
Jinzhou KeeperR0: 76.28%About on par with Augment at R0 but with more dupes Jinzhou Keeper loses a lot of value. 
Rectifier of NightR5: 70.99%Budget alternative 


Void Thunder: With Yinlin’s damage output being almost on par with some Main DPS characters, this should usually be your primary choice. Skipping out on this set lowers her personal damage output drastically.

Moonlit Clouds: Sacrifices a lot of Yinlin's personal damage output to buff another damage dealer. If you can play optimally and have Yinlin's Signature Weapon. Moonlit Clouds beats out Void Thunder in Calcharo hyper-carry teams.

Once again, this requires you to play PERFECTLY and OPTIMALLY. Another benefit to running Moonlit Clouds is that it can be transferred to other units in ToA, reducing the amount of Echo EXP needed.

Set EffectComparisonNotes
Void Thunder 5pc100%With how ridiculous Yinlin’s personal damage output is, Void Thunder should always be considered if you are running a quick-swap or hyper carry team.
Moonlit Clouds 5pc77.58%An inferior choice for main-dps, and quick swap Yinlin. But it does exist if you want to focus on your main-dps’ damage output or can't be bothered to farm for a new set.
Void Thunder/Lingering Tunes 2pc85.73%This set combination should be treated as a transition set rather than something to be used in the endgame. 

Active Echo Recommendation

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Void Thunder - Tempest Mephis: An all-around strong Echo which can be switch-canceled for a quick burst of damage. You can also wait until the claw attack starts to gain the Electro and Heavy ATK DMG buff.

Doing either option will have its own benefits. The former allows you to immediately switch-cancel to lower field time, while the latter provides more resonance energy and buffs for Yinlin’s personal damage output.

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Moonlit Clouds - Impermanence Heron: Your usual support Echo, which should be equipped if Yinlin is running Moonlit Clouds. This will mostly come into play in Hyper Carry teams where a Main DPS will want to hog Field Time.

Mainstat and Substats

4Crit Rate/Crit DMG
3Electro Bonus Damage%
3Electro Bonus Damage%
Sub Stat Priority
Energy Regen (Until 10 to 30%) = Crit Rate = Crit DMG > ATK% > Resonance Skill DMG%> ATK
Note: Follow Ratio of 1:2 for Crit Rate/Crit DMG
Energy Regen should be considered if you want a smoother rotation.