All 10 Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament

In Mt. Firmament, there are Frostbugs in various areas. These Frostbugs are essentially the Blobfly of Mt. Firmament, but they won't run away after detecting your presence. You do need to hit the Frostbugs in a specific way to kill it and count it towards the Exploration Progress.

All 10 Frostbugs Location

A special creature that huddles up and hides underground to protect itself when approached or attacked head-on.
Attack the weak point on Frostbugs' backs from a distanced to defeat them.

In other words, use a pistols-user Resonators.

Frostbugs #1

Teleport to Resonance Beacon south of Luminous Shore and look to your northeast for a small hot spring. Stand on the sand and make sure you aim at the weak point on its back. After the first kill, you will get the achievement Wimpy Bug's Nightmare.

Frostbugs #2

Climb the hill on the north and keep walking straight towards the beach. Stand on the small patches of land and shoot the Frostbug. Remember that if you get too close to the bug, it will burrow underground until you get a bit far away from it.

Frostbugs #3

Teleport to Loong's Ridge west Resonance Beacon and head southwest towards the far end of the small island. You can see ice blocks near the big rock. Stand behind the Frostbug (facing the ruin) and shoot it.

Frostbugs #4

Teleport to Resonance Nexus in Hongzhen and glide southwards towards a small patch of water. There are a group of small enemies here so you either defeat them first or shoot the Frostbug quickly.

Frostbugs #5

Go to Loong's Rest northwest Resonance Beacon and climb the hill behind you. After climbing, head straight to the northwest where you can see the huge circular monument. Stand on the bigger rock behind the Frostbug before aiming at its weakness.

Frostbugs #6

Now, teleport to Loong's Rest east Resonance Beacon and use the Lead Device in front of you (two times) to quickly reach the sixth location. The Frostbug is near the waterfall and there are also enemies nearby so be careful.

Frostbugs #7

Go to Loong's Crest south Resonance Beacon (not the one near Yue, but the Beacon directly below the word Loong's Crest) and walk west a little bit to find the Frostbug on top of a snowy platform.

Frostbugs #8

Teleport to the Resonance Beacon southeast of Loong's Crest and head southeast. You should see many ice blocks there right? It's better if you destroy them all too since there will be a trophy about it too.

Frostbugs #9

Go to Loong's Ridge north Resonance Beacon and jump down towards the north to see another Frostbug. Stand near the red-ish rocks and shoot it.

Frostbugs #10

Teleport to Loong's Ridge north Resonance Beacon once again but this time, head east towards the shore for the last Frostbug. After that, you will get the achievement Push Past the Bugs.


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