All Elite (Red) Enemies in Version 1.1

There are 4 new elite enemies in version 1.1 and you can defeat each of them to get an achievement. Remember that each of them is above level 100 so be careful when approaching them!

All Elite (Red) Echoes in Version 1.1

The image above shows the location of each elite enemy in the new area, Mt. Firmament. All of them except 1 are available for you to combat, the exception one is locked behind the Main Quests [Jinzhou Rising, Huanglong I - Act 7] because the underground area is locked behind said quest.

Construct Protective Scales

Use the Resonance Beacon north of Loong's Crest and follow the path towards the southwest to the (Level 120) Construct Protective Scales.

Mighty Lightcrusher

Teleport to Resonance Beacon southeast of Luminous Shore and climb the hill on your southwest to reach the upper hill and keep walking southwest until you reach the (Level 120) Mighty Lightcrusher.

Howlers in the Icefield

Teleport to Resonance Beacon west of Loong's Crest and head northwest towards the twin wolves. They're (Level 100) Howlers in the Icefield.

Icy Clang Bang

The last one is located in an underground area near Xuanji Ridges. You need to start the follow the quest navigation through out Main Quests [Jinzhou Rising, Huanglong I - Act 7] so you can unlock this underground cave.


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