Viewpoint Locations Guide

If you're looking for all photo spots (also known as Viewpoints), here's a guide with all of their locations as well as their requirements. The pictures with Rover show the location of the viewpoint icon.

Disclaimer: This guide contains spoilers to sceneries related to various Exploration Quests and Main Story quest.
If you don't want to be spoiled, please complete this list of quests:

Purpose of Viewpoints

They affect your exploration by a % based on the amount of viewpoints per zone. Make sure to collect them and collect your Exploration Progress at the Pioneer's Association.

Gorges of Spirits

Sentinel's Statue

This viewpoint only requires progression from Act 1 Chapter 1.

Central Plains

Falling Streams

Desorock Highland

Raindrops of the Past


City of Jinzhou

Tiger's Maw

Safety first!

Wuming Bay

Mt. Pingting

Port City of Guixu

Sky Incinerated

Might require completion of The Eternal Concert side quest

Weightless Skyscrapers

Might require completion of We Promise, We Deliver exploration quest

Dim Forest

Luminous Petals

Requires completion of When the Forest is No Longer Dim exploration quest

Moon within Reach

Requires completion of When Moonlight Shines in the Forest side quest

Whining Aix's Mire

Ruins of the Old Days

Requires Union Level 17 and completion of Depths of Illusive Realm prelude.


Requires completion of Stygian Lacrimosa exploration quest.

Eternal Blue

Norfall Barrens

Warblade in Norfall Barrens

Requires Union Level 21 and completion of Act 1 Chapter 6 in the Main Story.

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