Lampylumen Farming & Location Guide

This guide covers all the locations of Lampylumen ore as well as how to get to those zones. Keep in mind that the main area of Tiger's Maw Mine can be fully explored once Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life from Tiger's Maw Exploration Quest is completed.

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Lampylumen is an ore found in Tiger's Maw Mine and a few caves around it. This ore is primarily used as a currency in Shilang's Ore store; which let us purchase a 4-star Weapon Selector Box (Originite Weapon Supply Chest.
As of version 1.0, we can find up to 49 Lampylumen ores around the world and they can respawn daily!

Tiger's Maw Mine - Surface

This map shows all of the Lampylumen locations located at bottom of Tiger's Maw Mine on the surface. There's an underground area that leads to the Lampylumen Myriad; we will cover this area later.

First, I must point out that 2 ores are locked behind a door at Tiger's Maw Mine; next to the 5 ores near the teleport beacon. To unlock the door, you must first complete The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics. This quest has 3 parts and after clearing one of them, you must wait 24 hours for the next one.

There's also a subway cave. To reach there, you must go to the marked ores. You'll find a path leading up the mountain. Follow this path until you find an entrance leading to a cave.

Tiger's Maw Mine - Subway Cave

There's only 2 Lampylumen ores in this area, one on the left after entering the cave; and one to the escalator.

To reach the underground section of Tiger's Maw Mine, there's an entrance in one of the sides of the tower, simply take a right turn and a left after teleporting to the bottom of the mine.

Tiger's Maw Mine - Underground

This map shows the location of the underground Lampylumen ores. After going down the entrace, you should follow a linear path, all the way to the Lampylumen Myriad location. You'll find a couple of ores on your way to the boss.

Tiger's Maw Mine - Cave

This location is a bit tricky, as it requires you to either go up hill and enter a cave at the end of the river; or through the subway section of the mine in the surface. Here's a map that shows how to get to the cave.

Once you reach the deepest section of the cave, you can find 9 Lampylumen in different parts of the cave. There's 4 at the bottom, 3 located around the TD Field and 1 at the end of the cave by following the path to the left as shown in the picture.

Next to the Teleport Beacon, there's 1 Lampylumen ore behind the beacon on top of a rock.

In front of the beacon, you'll see a stone bridge with 3 Lampylumen ores in the middle. Simply use your grapple or wall-run to reach.

Behind the bridge, there's another rock poking out of the wall that holds 2 more Lampylumen ores.

Donglu Research Station Cave

This cave is located between Donglo Research Station and Tiger's Maw Mine. To reach it, you must go northeast of the Research Station and into a narrow entrance as marked on the map. You'll be fighting some TDs at the entrance and inside of the cave. This place does NOT require you to do any side quests.

This location is very linear and you'll find 3 strong opponents as Lv70 Diamondbacks at the end, you can ignore them, grab the ore and exit the cave by reaching it's end.

When you find a sealed door with a panel on the right, it'll require you to insert a 4-digit password; don't worry if you get it wrong, you can try as many times as you want. The password is 2 - 4 - 5 - 7

Once you farm 80 of these ores, you can go visit Shilang at Tiger's Maw Mine and collect your 4-star Weapon Selector Box! And remember they respawn daily!

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