All New Achievements in Version 1.0 (Part 2)

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We're now in version 1.0 of Wuthering Wave, so you can expect MANY achievements here. Of course, each achievement will reward you with Astrite, so good luck in getting all of them. Especially fellow achievement hunters.
Note: Some of the achievements are updated with more in-depth guides on how to get them. (COMPLETED)
UPDATE: Since there are too many achievements, I decided to divide the guides into 2 parts. The first part (this post) will cover Wilderness Calls, Exploration: Huanglong, Huanglong I, From the Abyssal Tower I, Rover's Journey, and Moments With You.
Part 1 can be found here: (Part 1)

Wilderness Calls

100Skilled Craftsman
101Fishing Master I
102Fishing Master II
103Hunting Master I
104Hunting Master II
105Wild Hunter I
106Wild Hunter II
107Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
108Fishing Master III
109Hunting Master III
110Wild Hunter III
111Gold Miner I
112Gold Miner II
113Gold Miner III
114Follow the Map
115Effective Potion I
116Effective Potion II
117Effective Potion III
118Savoring Joy I
119Savoring Joy II
120Savoring Joy III
121Creative Workshop I
122Creative Workshop II
123Creative Workshop III
124Mochelin 1-Star Chef
125Mochelin 2-Star Chef
126Pharmacist's Spell I
127Pharmacist's Spell II

Exploration: Huanglong

128Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou
129Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou
130Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou
131World Travel: Jinzhou
133May the Beacons Guide Us
134One-way Road Ahead
135Set off the Fireworks
136The Metamorphosis
137Fastest Legend
138Perspective Bender
139Dance in the Laser Light
140Trace On
141Only Reverberation Remains
142Cremation Tuning I
143Cremation Tuning II
144Cremation Tuning III
145Ride the Tide: Jinzhou
146Sound of the Return
147Chest Collector I
148Chest Collector II
149Chest Collector III
150Pioneer's Proof: Jinzhou
151Star Heart

Huanglong I

152Honor My Slogan
153Remember Me
154Days Gone By
155Atom: Jungle's Odyssey
156When the Forest is No Longer Dark
157The Sun Rises as Usual
158Future is Here
159A Time Beyond Your Reach
160Sorry, I'm a Patroller
161A Desperate Gamble
162The Brave Wins When Paths Cross!
163Nothing is Free
164Your Mystery, I'll Answer
165Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue
166Full House
167The Master of Overdashing

From the Abyssal Tower I

168Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
169Ghost of Dark Forest: Hunter
170Ghost of Dark Forest: Stroller
171Ghost of Dark Forest: Lurker
172Ghost of Dark Forest: Observer
173Thunder in the Burning Sea
174Strange Bird in the Mountain
175Land of the Singing Cicada
176Meeting the King
177Thunder Silencer
178Mine Guard
179Dies the Elegy
180No King in Sight

Rover's Journey

181From the New World
182Candy Spells Riddle
183Thus Spoke the Magistrate: Wordless Message
184Thus Spoke the Magistrate: Frontline Calls
185Shepherd Game
186"Buried under the Peach Blossom Tree..."
187A Whispering Melody
188The Tuning Master
189Kitten First
190Captivating You Always
191If the Melody Rings True

Moments With You

192Participation is the Key
193The Same Sunset
194Jingle Bells
195Rising Suan'ni
196Crescent Moon on the Banyan Tree
197Keeper in the Darkness

All Achievements in Wilderness Calls

100) Skilled Craftsman

Forge any weapon 1 time. You can start forging by starting the quest 'Honorary Chef: Taste of Memories' Tutorial Quest. This quest can be found by talking to Panhua in Panhua Restaurant (you can see the food icon on Jinzhou).

101) Fishing Master I

Catch 50 fish.

102) Fishing Master II

Catch 100 fish.

103) Hunting Master I

Obtain 50 pieces of Poultry (breakable items).

104) Hunting Master II

Obtain 100 pieces of Poultry.

105) Wild Hunter I

Obtain 50 pieces of Raw Meat.

106) Wild Hunter II

Obtain 100 pieces of Raw Meat.

107) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Make 1 Spicy Pulled Chicken. I got this achievement while doing The Past if the Future: Introduction Side Quest.

108) Fishing Master III

Catch 200 fish.

109) Hunting Master III

Obtain 200 pieces of Poultry.

110) Wild Hunter III

Obtain 200 pieces of Raw Meat.

111) Gold Miner I

Collect minerals 50 times.

112) Gold Miner II

Collect minerals 100 times.

113) Gold Miner III

Collect minerals 200 times.

114) Follow the Map

Use Echo Hunting 50 times. Go to your Data Bank > Echo Gallery > Choose any Echo > Track.

115) Effective Potion I

Use potion 20 times.

116) Effective Potion II

Use potion 50 times.

117) Effective Potion III

Use potion 100 times.

118) Savoring Joy I

Consume Dishes 20 times.

119) Savoring Joy II

Consume Dishes 50 times.

120) Savoring Joy III

Consume Dishes 100 times.

121) Creative Workshop I

Use the Synthesizer 20 times.

122) Creative Workshop II

Use the Synthesizer 50 times.

123) Creative Workshop III

Use the Synthesizer 100 times.

124) Mochelin 1-Star Chef

Reach Chef Level 2.

125) Mochelin 2-Star Chef

Reach Chef Level 5.

126) Pharmacist's Spell I

Reach Synthesis Level 2.

127) Pharmacist's Spell II

Reach Synthesis Level 5.

All Achievements in Exploration: Huanglong

128) Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou (I)

Deliver 30 Sonance Caskets to Chenpi.

129) Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou (II)

Deliver 60 Sonance Caskets to Chenpi.

130) Echoes of the Past: Jinzhou (III)

Deliver 115 Sonance Caskets to Chenpi.

131) World Travel: Jinzhou

Activate all Resonance Beacons in Jinzhou. Resonance Beacons are the teleport waypoints.

132) POWER!

Sit on the highest chair in Jinzhou. You can find the chair near Shade Ridge, at the highest mountain in the spot marked above.

133) May the Beacons Guide Us

Complete "Silent History" or more precisely, the Lost History Quest.

134) One-way Road Ahead

Solve a Magnetic Cube puzzle 1 time. There are many such puzzles in the open world, but I completed my first Magnetic Cube puzzle during A Free Meal I Side Quest.

135) Set off the Fireworks

Solve an Encryption Block puzzle 1 time. There are many such puzzles in the open world, but I completed my first Magnetic Cube puzzle during A Free Meal II Side Quest.

136) The Metamorphosis

Complete 5 Echo Challenges.

137) Fastest Legend

Complete "Parallel Perception" for the first time.

138) Perspective Bender

Complete "Perspective Bender" for the first time. You can find this domain only after completing Restart the radar Side Quest.

139) Dance in the Laser Light

Maneuver the dolls through the laser corridor in "Solitary Crusade." Will be available once Yinlin Companion Stories is unlocked.

140) Trace On

Challenge all "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" in Jinzhou. Will be unlocked after you reach Union Level 27.

141) Only Reverberation Remains

Challenge all Tacet Fields in Jinzhou. There are 7 of them and you can find it all in the Guide Book > Forgery Challenge > Tacet Field Cleanup.

142) Cremation Tuning I

Obtain 20 Tidal Heritages in Jinzhou.

143) Cremation Tuning II

Obtain 50 Tidal Heritages in Jinzhou.

144) Cremation Tuning III

Obtain 80 Tidal Heritages in Jinzhou.

145) Ride the Tide: Jinzhou

Activate all markers on the map of Jinzhou.

146) Sound of the Return

Collect 20 Mutterflies in Jinzhou.

147) Chest Collector I

Open 100 Supply Chests in Jinzhou.

148) Chest Collector II

Open 200 Supply Chests in Jinzhou.

149) Chest Collector III

Open 350 Supply Chests in Jinzhou.

150) Pioneer's Proof: Jinzhou

Reach Legendary Pioneer in Jinzhou. Go to Maqi (Pioneer Association) and claim EXP by exploring the areas.

151) Star Heart (TBA)

Solve the puzzle in the bulletin board in online mode.

All Achievements in Huanglong I

152) Honor My Slogan

Complete "We Promise, We Deliver" Exploration Quest. You should get this quest after completing the main quest, I completed it on Union Level 11.

153) Remember Me

Complete "Stygian Lacrimosa" Exploration Quest.

154) Days Gone By

Complete "Shadows of the Past" Exploration Quest.

155) Atom: Jungle's Odyssey

Complete "When the Forest is No Longer Dim" Exploration Quest.

156) When the Forest is No Longer Dark

Complete "When Moonlight Shines in the Forest" Side Quest.

157) The Sun Rises as Usual

Complete "Radar Reactivation" Side Quest or in other name; Restart the radar.

158) Future is Here

Complete "The Past is the Future" Side Quest. There are 3 parts for this quest: Introduction, Continued, and Epilogue. You will get this achievement after completing the Continued one.

159) A Time Beyond Your Reach

Complete "The Eternal Concert" Side Quest.

160) Sorry, I'm a Patroller

Complete "Secret Investigation" Side Quest.

161) A Desperate Gamble

Complete "The Hidden Truth" or in another name, the A True Arena Champion Side Quest.

162) The Brave Wins When Paths Cross!

Complete "Camp Raid" Side Quest.

163) Nothing is Free

Complete "A Free Meal? I and II" Side Quest.

164) Your Mystery, I'll Answer

Complete "The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics" Side Quests - All three quests until the end.

165) Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue

Complete "Travel in Jinzhou: Gulpuffs". Talk to Mr. Shiyuan in Jinzhou to start a challenge and you will get this achievement in the end.

166) Full House

Complete "Liondancer's Practice". You can find this in Jinzhou, right in front of the Souvenir Store. Talk to Xiuyi in front of the store and you can start the challenges.

167) The Master of Overdashing

Complete "Hero of the Leap" Side Quest.

All Achievements in From the Abyssal Tower I

Everything here is just related to Tower of Adversity and Tactical Hologram so I won't add any images.

168) Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night

Unlock "Tower of Adversity: Hazard Zone".

169) Ghost of Dark Forest: Hunter

Complete all stages in "Tower of Adversity: Hazard Zone".

170) Ghost of Dark Forest: Stroller

Obtain all Crests in "Tower of Adversity: Stable Zone".

171) Ghost of Dark Forest: Lurker

Obtain all Crests in "Tower of Adversity: Experimental Zone".

172) Ghost of Dark Forest: Observer

Obtain all Crests in "Tower of Adversity: Hazard Zone".

173) Thunder in the Burning Sea

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Tempest Mephis I".

174) Strange Bird in the Mountain

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Impermanence Heron I".

175) Land of the Singing Cicada

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Mourning Aix I".

176) Meeting the King

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Feilian Beringal I".

177) Thunder Silencer

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Tempest Mephis VI".

178) Mine Guard

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Impermanence Heron VI".

179) Dies the Elegy

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Mourning Aix VI".

180) No King in Sight

Complete "Tactical Hologram: Calamity" - "Feilian Beringal VI".

All Achievements in Rover's Journey

181) From the New World

Complete Main Quest: Utterance of Marvels.

182) Candy Spells Riddle

Receive the Sugar Pearl from Jinzhou's Magistrate. In the main quest, after Sanhua gives you many items and you're out of the City Hall, interact with the two kids outside The Grand Library and they will give you Candy. I did this while in the quest, so I don't know whether it's obtainable after you complete the quest (since it said optional on the quest navigation, I'm worried many would miss it).

183) Thus Spoke the Magistrate: Wordless Message

Complete Main Quest: "First Resonance".

184) Thus Spoke the Magistrate: Frontline Calls

Complete Main Quest "Echoing Marche".

185) Shepherd Game

Complete Main Quest "Ominous Star".

186) "Buried under the Peach Blossom Tree"

Inspect the peach tree in the Qichi Village. You can get this achievement during the Ominous Star quest.

187) A Whispering Melody

Complete "Clashing Blades" Main Quest. You need to reach Union Level 14 to start this quest.

188) The Tuning Master

Retrieve all 5 missing Sonodisks. Completed during "Clashing Blades" Main Quest.

189) Kitten First

Complete all quests of "Save the World? Save the Cat!". Complete the Save the World? Save the Cat! Side Quest to unlock all of the consequent Save the World? Save the Cat! Daily Quests which will task you with finding all the missing cats and unlocking this achievement.

190) Captivating You Always

Capture your first photo in "Photos of Jinzhou". After completing the main quest and around Union Level 10, you should get the Photos of Jinzhou Side Quest. In this quest, you will unlock the Camera function.

191) If the Melody Rings True

Complete "Rewinding Raindrops" Main Quest.

All Achievements in Moments With You

192) Participation is the Key

Participate in "Gulpuff Relay" in "Daybreak at Last" (Jiyan Companion Stories).

193) The Same Sunset

Complete "Daybreak at Last" (Jiyan Companion Stories).

194) Jingle Bells

Complete "Sound Tracing" in "Wild Heart's Return" (Lingyang's Companion Stories).

195) Rising Suan'ni

Complete "Wild Heart's Return" (Lingyang's Companion Stories).

196) Crescent Moon on the Banyan Tree

Complete "Under the Moonlit Banyan" Side Quest.

197) Keeper in the Darkness

Complete "Solitary Crusade". Need to wait for Yinlin's Companion Stories.


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