All New Achievements in Version 1.1

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Version 1.1 is here and there's a generous amount of achievements you can collect (and Astrite as rewards).
Note: This guide will be constantly updated with more in-depth guides on how to get certain achievements.

All Achievements in Exploration: Huanglong

You can reach Mt. Firmament by starting and following the new Main Quests [Jinzhou Rising, Huanglong I - Act 7].

Come for Ya

Earn the highest reward in Tactical Hologram: Ski.

Soothing Moments

Enjoy the hot spring once. The hot spring is Sagaci Springs in Mt. Firmament. You can go to the location marked above to soak your character in the hot spring and get this achievement.

Project Clang Bang

Complete Echo Challenge: Clang Bang once. For this challenge, you need to transform into Clang Bang and fill in the missing ice cube to complete the challenge. Make sure to face the right direction.

Observer the pattern of the ice cubes and sit in the right spot as the Clang Bang and face the right direction.

Reckless Voyager

Use Chronosorter once. Chronosorter is a new puzzle in Mt. Firmament (a new area in version 1.1). You can only go to this area after starting the latest Main Quests. If you do the quest, you will get this achievement easily.

Launch Control

Use the Leap Device once. You can find the device in the marked location above. Just step onto it and you will be sent flying.

Cute Creatures and Where to Find Them

Interact with any animal 1 time. Pet any animal one time and you will get this achievement. It can easily be found in Jinzhou city or any village.

All about Wuthering Waves: Jinzhou

Exploration Progress of Jinzhou (including Mt. Firmament region) reaches Pioneer Level 10. After you finished exploring the new area, go to Maqi - Pioneer Association in Jinzhou city and upgrade your Pioneer Level.

All Achievements in Footprints of Huanglong II

It's About Time!

Release an enemy within the Photon Barrier once. Photon Barrier is the golden barrier that traps creatures in it and froze the time. You can destroy the Photon Barrier by destroying the Photonvault connected to the barrier. Just follow the golden thread and shoot the Photonvault.

Stress Reliever

Crush 20 ice blocks. You can find 2-3 ice blocks near the Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament, so you can check out this guide to see the locations of each Frostbug: All 10 Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament


Complete Mirrored Loong's Pearl. It's an Exploration Quest and you can start this Mirrored Loong's Pearl quest automatically after reaching the location above in Xuanji Ridges, Mt. Firmament

Ballad of Sword

Obtain the sword located on the island in the middle of a lake near Hongzhen. In west of Hongzhen, you can find a Hoartoise getting bullied by other Tacet Discords. Help it through this battle and another few battle to complete the Dance Dance Chelonian quest. By the end, you will get the Ballad of Sword achievement.

Brewing Tea on a Snowy Day

Gather all Windchimers throughout the Mt. Firmament area. Windchimers are the collectible exclusive to Mt. Firmament and you can collect them by using Basic Attack or Ranged Attack on it. After you're done collecting them all, go to Xian'ge to exchange the Windchimers to various rewards.

Tiger by the Tail

Defeat the Mighty Lightcrusher roaming in Mt. Firmament. You can find all of the new elite enemies here: All Elite (Red) Enemies in Version 1.1

Brave Against Jué

Defeat the Construct: Protective Scales roaming in Mt. Firmament. You can find all of the new elite enemies here: All Elite (Red) Enemies in Version 1.1

Ferocious Beast

Defeat the Icefield Beast roaming in Mt. Firmament. You can find all of the new elite enemies here: All Elite (Red) Enemies in Version 1.1

Clang Bang Ice Crusher

Defeat the Frigid Clang Bang roaming in Mt. Firmament. You can find all of the new elite enemies here: All Elite (Red) Enemies in Version 1.1

Wimpy Bug's Nightmare

Defeat a Frostbug. You can find the location of all Frostbugs in this post: All 10 Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament.

Push Past the Bugs

Defeat all Frostbugs. You can find the location of all Frostbugs in this post: All 10 Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament.

Last Puzzle Piece

Complete all Echo Challenges: Clang Bang. There are 12 Clang Bang challenges and you can see all of them in the image above (marked with blue stars).

Snowy Trace

Unlock the Resonance Nexuses in Hongzhen. There are only 2 of them so you can get them easily.

From the Peak

Unlock the small Resonance Beacon at the dragon head of Loong's Chest.

All Achievements in Wilderness Calls

Take Your Medication!

Concoct a potion 100 times. You can craft potions on Synthesizer in Jinzhou city.

Keep the Camera Rolling!

Take a picture 10 times.

Good Food Always Glow

Prepare a meal 5 times. You can cook at Panhua Restaurant in Jinzhou City or any stoves in the open world.

All Achievements in Rover's Journey

Spring Awakening

Complete Thaw of Eons. Complete the new Main Quests [Jinzhou Rising, Huanglong I - Act 7].

Mountain Beyond the Forest

Reach Mt. Firmament. You can only reach this location by following the new Main Quests [Jinzhou Rising, Huanglong I - Act 7].

All Achievements in Moments With You

Deserted Trail

Complete Immortal Blaze. It's Changli's Companion Story.

All Achievements in Battle Memories

Recoil: Thundering Mephis

The achievement's name in version 1.0

Use the Echo Skill of the Thundering Mephis to strike a fatal blow on the Thundering Mephis. This one IS NOT a new achievement, but they just renamed it from Recoil: Tempest Mephis to Recoil: Thundering Mephis.

Disaster Is Always One Step Behind

Defeat Dreamless for the first time. This achievement is newly added in version 1.1 despite we defeating Dreamless a thousand times in version 1.0.

Silent Mode

Use Rover: Spectro's Outro Skill 100 times.

Dimming Shadows

Use Rover: Annihilation's Outro Skill 100 times.

Clear as a Mirror

Use Jianxin's Outro Skill 100 times.

Jué Is With Me

Use Jinhsi's Outro Skill 100 times.

A Gift of Flames

Use Chixia's Outro Skill 100 times.

Beauty and the Blade

Use Danjin's Outro Skill 100 times.

Flurry of Flowers

Use Sanhua's Outro Skill 100 times.

Everlasting Blossoms

Use Taoqi's Outro Skill 100 times.

Birds' Ballad

Use Yangyang's Outro Skill 100 times.

Warm Yet Solitary

Use Yinlin's Outro Skill 100 times.

Folded Petals

Use Verina's Outro Skill 100 times.

Encore's Wonderous Adventures

Use Encore's Outro Skill 100 times.

Pulse of Life

Use Baizhi's Outro Skill 100 times.

Good Omen

Use Lingyang's Outro Skill 100 times.

The Next Melody

Use Mortefi's Outro Skill 100 times.

Punch It With Leihuangquan!

Use Yuanwu's Outro Skill 100 times.

Transformation of Rain Loong

Use Jiyan's Outro Skill 100 times.

Veiled Gunfire

Use Aalto's Outro Skill 100 times.

Shadow Boxing

Use Calcharo's Outro Skill 100 times.

The Hand of God!

Use Changli's Outro Skill 100 times.

The Silent Deity

Defeat Jué for the first time.

Loong Lineage

Defeat Jué 50 times.

You're the Challenger!

Defeat Dreamless 50 times.

20 Constructs

Defeat Lumiscale Construct 20 times.

Kill It With Heat

Defeat Lava Larva 20 times.

It's All Protein?

Defeat Frostbug 20 times. Frostbug is a special creature and can only be defeated if you use a ranged attack to attack the weak point. Currently, there are only 10 Frostbugs in version 1.1: All 10 Frostbugs in Mt. Firmament. However, even after killing all 10, it still didn't count towards the achievement, so either there's a bug or mistranslation, or who knows. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment!

Who Killed the Slow Bird?

Defeat Dwarf Cassowary 20 times.

Subduer of Tigers

Defeat Lightcrusher 20 times.

The Call of the Wild

Defeat Glacio Dreadmane 20 times.

All Achievements in Battle Skills II

Clang & Bang

Defeat 66 Clang Bangs.

All Achievements in From the Abyssal Tower I

Fast & Adversity

Clear the final level in any tower of Tower of Adversity: Hazard Zone within 2 minutes.

Three Sunsets

The entire team loses consciousness in the Tower of Adversity 10 times.

To the Glorious Ones

Claim all Crests in the Tower of Adversity: Hazard Zone 3 times in a row.

The Crownless King

Complete Crownless I in Tactical Hologram: Calamity.

Failure Is Not in My Dictionary

Complete Crownless VI in Tactical Hologram: Calamity.

All Achievements in Path of Growth

Rank upon Rank

Reach weapon Breakthrough Rank 6 for the first time.

Excessively Cautious

Lower SOL3 Phase for the first time. You can lower your SOL3 Phase from the Menu and tap on the info icon beside your Rank.

I Admit, You Are Strong

Absorb an Overlord Class or Calamity Class Echo for the first time.

All Achievements in Echo Collection

Defeat Echoes with Echoes

Upgrade any Echo to max level. Maximum is Level 25 for 5-star rarity Echo.


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