Exploration Guide

Everything you need to know about exploring Wuthering Waves, from how puzzles work, gadgets, interactive elements, how to use your stamina (Waveplate), and more.

This article aims to guide the player on all exploration aspects of Wuthering Waves, including explaining gadgets that help navigate the player through the over-world.

Utilities and Gadgets

This menu can be opened by holding “Tab” and hovering on what gadget to use/put on hotkey. 

  • Grapple: Nifty tool to traverse heights a bit easier.
  • Sensor: Highlights enemies, interactable and “hidden” events from quests or exploration in range.
  • Levitator: Picks up objects, used to throw items, or place objects if a puzzle requires it. Does not need to be in the player’s hotkey to use.
  • Camera: Used to take photos and screenshots.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Chip: Obtained by completing the Whining Aix’s Mire quest. Used to remove mud and instantly break their shields. Note that this Gadget can only be used inside a specific area.
  • Lootmapper: Unlocks at Pioneer level 1. Highlights treasure chests in a radius, can hold up to three and will stay until removed.
  • Way point module: Unlocks at Pioneer level 2. Works as a temporary placeable way point, can have 3 in the over-world at once.
  • Casket Sonar: Unlock at Pioneer level 3. Highlights the closest Sonance Casket and pins it on the map. 

Environment Interactable/Events

Completing these events will count towards exploration progress and will reward Asterites.

Magnetic Cube

Puzzle that requires the player to hit the cube into the designated platform, which glows blue. The directions it can go will have highlighted arrows. There are two other variants of this puzzle, one where there will be holographic platforms which block certain path ways, and the other variant has a teleportation platform which moves the cube onto another platform

Encryption Block

Energy Matrix

A puzzle where you need to complete the matrix with pieces scattered around. These puzzles can be rotated but the pieces can't overlap with each other.

Photo Spots 

These are locations that the game will prompt you to take photos, this counts towards your area exploration.


Killing Blobfly's gives you asterites. Getting too close to it will alert it and will start moving around in a pattern, use a range unit to destroy it without issues.


There are various challenges, each with instructions/goals given by the game.

Pressure Platform

A puzzle in the over-world that involves placing cubes, the player character or other interactable items on the "pressure plates". If there are more than one platform, all platforms need to be triggered at the same time. For example, if you have 3 pressure plates, you can cover 2 of them with interactable items, and the last with the playable character.

Tidal Heritage

Clear certain objectives to unlock the Tidal Heritage. Usually need to clear mobs around it

Signal Hub

A red tube found in the over-world locking a chest, the player needs to use the sonar tool to locate the hacking hubs nearby (indicated by red line). Successfully solving them will unlock the chest.


More information can be found at the main menu tutorial tab, then navigate to the Adventure tab.

Treasure Chests

  • Basic: 5 Asterite
  • Standard: 10 Asterite
  • Advanced: 20 Asterite
  • Premium: 40 Asterite

Interactive Map

For an easier time looking for objects of interest, check out interactive map!


Exploration Level Ups/Rewards

Pioneer Level: Accessible in the Pioneer Association tab, Gaining progress in regions levels up your Pioneer level, which also gives you rewards. These include Utilities, Asterites, Resonator level up mats and weapon level up mats

Casket Delivery Level: Main source of Rover Breakthroughs/”Dupes”. Gives Asterites, Standard Pulls, and level up materials. Leveling up Casket Delivery requires a select amount of Sonance Caskets

Data Bank Level: Higher Data Bank levels increase your max stamina and cost limit, max rarity, drop rates for echoes. If the player has trouble leveling up the data bank, simply navigate to the echo gallery (in the same screen as echo bank), and click on uncollected echoes. Proceed to track them on the map.

Where to use Stamina/Summaries of Stamina spots

Forgery Challenge 

Unlock: Complete Chapter 1 Act 3 and Union Level 20

This will be your main source of Weapon and Skill upgrade materials. Once you hit Union Level 20, we highly recommend farming this stage and the Boss Challenge. 

Simulation Challenge

Unlock: Complete Chapter 1 Act 2 

Simulation Challenge will be your main source of Character EXP, Weapon EXP, and Shell Credits in the late game. However, in the early game, there is no reason to farm this stage as the game provides us with plenty of resources. 

Boss Challenge

Unlock: Union Level 10

Boss challenges will be your main source of Ascension Materials and some skill upgrades for Resonators. These materials are used when ascending from level 50 onwards. We recommend pre-farming materials before level 20. So you can focus on farming weapon materials in Forgery Challenge.

Upon completing a Boss Challenge for the first time, you will obtain Union EXP and other additional rewards. Note that YOU DO NOT have to claim the rewards with Waveplates, simply killing the boss is enough. 

Tacet Field Challenge

Unlock: Union Level 18

Tacet Field Challenges are your main source of Echo materials for tuning to unlock sub-stats. Do not farm these during the early game, as this DOES NOT drop materials used for rank 5 Echoes. 

Weekly Challenge

These are world bosses that drop unique materials needed to upgrade Resonator’s skills. It is recommended to always clear out all 3 attempts to maximize rewards. As for which boss to defeat, you should always go for the boss that drops the item your Resonator needs.

Daily Resets

Once a day, resources are refreshed, making content such as enemy monsters and collectible materials available again. These can range from shopping items, ores, and plants that can be used for raising your characters. 

Daily Missions are also refreshed, granting you a total of 60 Asterites, 2000 Union Experience, and a random Echo. You can check what daily activities need to be done via the Guidebook. Similarly, the Pioneer Podcast has its own set of daily missions that share the same reset timers. 

SOL3 Phases

SOL3 Phases are World Levels that dictate the rewards earned upon defeating enemies and completing Waveplate (Stamina/Resin) activities around the world. These Phases are determined by your Union Level and is increased every 10 Union Levels. 

After raising your SOL3 Phase enemies in the overworld will have their levels raised and will be stronger. Note that Red Mist Enemies are not affected by SOL3 Phases and have fixed levels ranging from level 25 to 120. 

Once you have reached Union Level 20, 40, or 60, you have to complete a Phase Ascension. Otherwise, your Union Level will be capped. Additionally, if you wish to return to a lower SOL3 Phase, you may do so every 12 hours. 

Crafting and Shops


Simply put the game's own "crafting" system. The items range from items that provide healing, revives, combat buffs, all the way to ascension materials, limited use utilities and weapon experience.

The synthesis also has a limited experience system which let's you (to a certain extent) rank up your synthesis through repeated synthesis of each individual recipe. Ranking up rewards you with items such as astrite and new recipes for each new combined "progression" rank reached.

Souvenir Shop

This shop uses Wood-Textured Shards as currency, which can be obtained by exploring Huolong. Most items in this shop are a one-time purchase. 

Mahe’s Grocery

Items purchasable here are used for cooking recipes

Crafting Table/Uncle Wei

Place to forge 3* weapons and 4* weapons. Certain ascension materials can be bought here. 

Panhua’s Kitchen/Cooking

Food that buffs party members and recipes can be bought here. Similarly to the synthesis system, the player can level up their chef expertise, unlocking more food recipes.

Shifang’s Pharmacy

Mainly sells items needed for item recipes and Resonator Ascensions. Note that a lot of the items sold in this shop are expensive and should not be your first choice.

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