How to Get Handy Pistols I & II Achievements

Everyone will obtain Chixia for free from the Main Quest so they can obtain these 2 achievements with a little of hard work. Yeah, these achieves are not quite easy for casual players since it takes quite a long time and patience to get.

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Take a look at the whole achievements in version 1.0 here:

Handy Pistols I

Defeat enemies 10 times with Chixia's Heavy Attack from 7m away. Instead of enemies, you can shoot animals that drop meats like the goat or cow, those counts too. 7m is a bit far away from them so stand far away and use Chixia's Aimed Shot to attack them.

Handy Pistols II

Defeat enemies 10 times with Chixia's Heavy Attack from 1m away. Similar to the previous achievement, but instead of 7m, this is 1m which is the point-blank range. This achievement is significantly harder because you need to be really REALLY close to enemies or it doesn't count.

And, no, this achievement is not bugged. If you attack the enemy close but it doesn't count towards the achievement, it means you're not close enough.
Some believe it is a bug since they already tried to kill enemies super close but still didn't count. Well, that's up to you and you can contact customer service if you believe so (I can't say anything concrete since there are no official announcements regarding it). They might alter the achievement and make the hitbox bigger? Hopefully.
Anyway, you can check your enemy count on Trophies > Battles > Battle Skills II.

Since the animals sprint away if you get close to them, you might really want to aim at enemies (specifically Young Roseshroom or Vanguard Junrock) at the brink of death instead since they won't run away from you.

The reason why I chose this enemy as a target is because they have low HP, low ATK, and sometimes they stay (Young Roseshroom did not move at all unlike Vanguard Junrock) still so you can easily aim at them. My Level 20 Chixia can handle them which are at Lvl 53. If you have any other enemies in mind, feel free to target them instead.


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