Wuthering Waves Echo Summon Event

Echo Summon Web Event

Wuthering Waves pre-launch web event Echo Summon runs from April 29 to June 6. Players can participate in missions to collect a 5-star Echo, Astrite, and other rewards! Some key notes:

  • It is better to wait until the game releases and find out the best 5-star Echo to claim as the event ends 2 weeks after the game's release on May 22, 2024.
  • You can still continue to collect and share the Echoes you get and leave them in the Echo Gallery until that time.
  • Shared Echos can be redeemed by other players - leave your share links in the comments below!

In the meantime, below is a great infographic guide by Michu on reddit to reference if you have some characters in mind:

Check out the full official event rules below, as well as the event page, and our current Echo database for Closed Beta II.


The world of Wuthering Waves is threatened by the rampant attack of the Tacet Discords. We need your help, Rover! Collect Echoes to boost your strengths and embark on your journey towards Wuthering Waves!

Participate in the Wuthering Waves Echo Summon Event, and get early access to 5-star Echoes, Astrite, and many other rewards!

Event Duration: April 29, 2024, 6:00 pm (UTC+8) - June 06, 2024, 6:00 pm (UTC+8)


1. Log in with your Kuro Account to participate in this event. To claim the rewards, create a profile on the server you've pre-registered your Kuro Account under during this event after the official release of Wuthering Waves.

2. During this event, you may obtain free summon attempts by completing the following missions:

  • Pre-register for Wuthering Waves
  • Invite friends to pre-register
  • Collect and redeem Echoes
  • Follow the official social media accounts of Wuthering Waves

*Please refer to the "Missions" list for more details. The Missions reset daily at 11:00 am (UTC+8)

3. Wuthering Waves Echo Summon is a spin-off web event and does not represent the actual gameplay.

4. Echo Summon

  • You can summon all COST1 & COST3 Echoes of up to 5-star in rarity available in V1.0 through this event.
  • All available Echoes in this event have fixed sub-stats:
    • COST1: ATK (%) & HP
    • COST3: ATK (%) & ATK
  • You're guaranteed to obtain one Echo for each summon. The summons cost 1 attempt less if you attempt 10 summons at once. The drop rates are as follows:
RarityDrop Rate
5-star Echo8%
4-star Echo20%
3-star Echo30%
2-star Echo42%

5. Echo Redemption

You also can obtain additional Echoes through Echo Redemption: scan the QR Code or click on the link from Echo Gift Cards shared by other players and you have a chance to Echoes of the corresponding rarity. The possibilities to obtain an echo through Echo Redemption are as follows:

Gift Card RarityDrop Rate
  • You can share up to 5 different Echo Gift Cards per day. Each Gift Card can be redeemed by up to 10 players.
  • You can redeem up to 5 different Echo Gift Cards shared by other players per day.
  • The attempts to share and redeem Echo Gift Cards reset daily at 11:00 am (UTC+8).

Note: The link for each Echo Gift Card is valid within 24 hours after it's generated. When the link expires, you cannot claim it again.

6. Echo Reserve

  • You can select to reserve an Echo to be claimed in the game after the official release. Click on "Select" in the backpack to put the selected Echo on display. You can change the Echo on display anytime. By clicking "Lock", the selected Echo will be reserved for the game. Note this action cannot be reversed.

*If you haven't locked any Echo before the end of this event, the Echo on display will be automatically sent to your in-game mailbox after the event ends.

*You will not receive any reward if you don't have an Echo on display before the end of this event.

*The reserved Echo will be issued via mailbox when you reach Union Level 8.

7. Echo Collection Progress Rewards

You also get Astrite, EXP Potion, and Shell Credit as you collect enough Echoes:

  • Collect 6 different Echoes to get Astrite x50;
  • Collect 12 different Echoes to get Advanced Resonance Potion x3 & Advanced Energy Core x3;
  • Collect 18 different Echoes to get Astrite x50;
  • Collect 24 different Echoes to get Advanced Sealed Tube x2 & Shell Credit x20,000;
  • Collect 30 different Echoes to get Shell Credit x30,000.

The above Collection Progress Rewards will be issued via mailbox when you reach Union Level 8. Make sure you log in to the server you pre-registered for during this event to claim the rewards.

8. Notes

  • If you've obtained Collection Progress Rewards and Echo Rewards before the official release, these rewards will be issued via mailbox when you reach Union Level 8 in Wuthering Waves after its official release.
  • If you've obtained Collection Progress Rewards and Echo Rewards after the official release, these rewards will be issued via mailbox immediately or until you have reached Union Level 8.
  • All event rewards will be sent by July 3, 2024, 11:59 pm (UTC+8). If you haven't created a character or your character doesn't reach Union Level 8 before the end date, you'll not be able to claim event rewards.
  • All use of third-party applications, automation scripts, or any other approach that disrupts the fairness of the event is not allowed. Kuro Games reserves the right to ban you from this event or to revoke or forfeit your rewards once you are found to be associated with such tools/behaviors.
  • Please do not share your personal information or banking details to avoid unnecessary loss.
  • Any inquiry may be directed to: 【[email protected]

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