Wuthering Waves Echo System Guide

Echo System Guide

Everything you need to know about Echoes and how it works in Wuthering Waves.

What are Echoes?

Echoes are equipment that can be equipped onto your characters, providing them with a wide range of stat boosts. Each Echo also has an ability tied to it, which ranges from simply dealing damage to buffing the team.

They have also added a way to merge Echoes more about this will be discussed here:


Echo Cost acts as a restriction preventing you from slotting in several boss Echoes. With the max cost at 12 (Will be lower at lower levels), the most common set-up is a 43311 or (Boss/Elite/Elite/Common/Common).

Other common ways to slot in echoes are found below.

  • Early game: 4, 1, 1, 1, 1 or (Boss/Common/Common/Common/Common)
  • Mid-game: 4, 3, 1, 1, 1 or (Boss/Elite/Common/Common/Common)

Cost are classified into 4 different rarities:

  • Common = 1 Cost
  • Elites = 3 Cost
  • Bosses (Overlord/Calamity) = 4 Cost

Stats and Sub Stats

All Echoes have primary and secondary main stats. Thankfully, there is no RnG involved in the secondary main stat. It is fixed to ATK on Boss and Elites, while Common has HP. 

ColorMax LevelNumber of Sub-Stats

List of main stats

  • Common Class - ATK%, DEF%, HP%
  • Elites = ATK%, DEF%, HP%, Energy Regen%, Elemental Damage Boost
  • Bosses = ATK%, DEF%, HP%, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Healing Bonus%

List of sub-stats 

  • Flat ATK 
  • Flat HP
  • Flat DEF
  • ATK% 
  • HP% 
  • DEF% 
  • Energy Regen%
  • Crit Rate% 
  • Crit DMG% 
  • Basic Attack DMG Bonus% 
  • Heavy Attack DMG Bonus% 
  • Resonance Skill DMG Bonus% 
  • Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus

To learn more about specific Echo stats check out our Echo Database or our guide:

Set Bonuses/Sonata Effects

Set Bonuses are triggered when equipping different Echoes from the same set. Each set has a 2 and 5-piece bonus that can be triggered. Note that each Echo must be unique, duplicates will not contribute to the set effect.

To learn more about Echo Set effects check out our Echo Database or our guide:

Tuning and Upgrading

Tuning allows you to unlock sub-stats. To unlock tuning for an Echo, you can use materials that can be obtained via Simulation Training. Once you have upgraded an Echo, a Tuning slot is unlocked for every 5 levels on an Echo and requires a unique material for Tuning. 

How to get Echoes?

Echoes can be obtained throughout the world by defeating enemies or completing a Tacit Field. The rarity and chances of getting an Echo are tied to your Data Bank. Drop rates start at 10% and up to 20% at Data Dock level 10.

In theory, there is no limit to how many Echoes that can be farmed. While enemies in your world reset daily, you can join another person’s world to farm more Echoes. Loot is also personal, so EVERY PLAYER in the instance has a chance to get an Echo after every kill.

Data Bank

Leveling up your Data Bank is relatively straightforward, as it mainly involves you going around the map and fighting/capturing monsters. An important breakpoint is rank 15, as it unlocks the highest rank absorption.

Experience obtained from monsters will depend on their rarity and will stack with the previous rarity. The first green copy will give 10 exp, and the next blue copy will provide an additional 10 exp on top of the previous rarity exp.