List of Outro Skills

Intro & Outro Skill System Guide

Wuthering Waves Intro and Outro skill system explained.

Wuthering Waves CBT2 featured a new system called the Intro & Outro Skills, which will focus on enhancing the combat experience and smoothness of character swaps.

Outro skills are a remake of the previous Concerto Effects system in CBT1. They work similarly and share similar traits. By attacking enemies you will generate Concerto Energy, different attacks will generate a different amount, when your Concerto Bar is full your next swap will trigger an Intro and Outro. The Outro skill is performed by the character you swap from and will usually grant a buff or deal direct damage to enemies. The buffs can vary between elemental damage buffs, attack-type buffs (normal attack, heavy attack, skill, liberation...) and healing.

Intro skills have been in the game for a long time. They are unique attacks that your character will perform upon entering the field and grant a bonus following them up. Usually, this bonus is related to their Forte. For example, Sanhua will enter the field and deal Glacio damage, also creating one of her Ice Prisms that she can detonate with her Forte. Intro skills also deal a chunk of damage to the stagger bar of enemies. It is super useful for knocking down bosses so you can freely output your damage without having to worry about getting hit.

List of Outro Skills

Please keep in mind that some of this info may change on release.


  1. CN had a slightly different version of CBT2, with the testing that was done, we can confirm that the CN version is the more accurate one. That is why you may find some of the info different from what you know. For example the 30% Havoc/Aero DMG buffs that Danjin/Aalto give, are now 23%.
  2. The 23% elemental buffs are for the element of the character. Danjin - Havoc, Aalto - Aero.
  3. The 23% and 38% increases are a unique multiplier of damage bonus that is separate from the normal damage% multiplier you would usually get from Verina and Baizhi's outro or Echo stats.
  4. Verina and Baizhi essentially, have the same outro skill. They just scale differently.
  5. Verina and Baizhi's Outro skills are the only buffs that do not disappear upon switching resonators again.
  6. Performing a swap cancel can help keep your Outro skill buffs on your desired characters, as long as they stay on the field and don't visibly leave it. You'll need to be really quick in order to do so.

Unique Outro skills

  • Rover - Rover's outro skill will create a time slow field for 3 seconds.
  • Yangyang - Will generate 4 energy per second, for 5 seconds - a total of 20 energy for your next resonator.
  • Yinlin - Will grant 20% Electro Damage and 25% Liberation Damage increase. (not yet confirmed on whether the 20% electro dmg belongs to the separate unique multiplier or if it is just additive to other typical dmg% sources)

Why Are Outro Skills Important?

Outro skills play an important part in team building. Building a team that can strengthen each other properly using Outro skills will greatly help maximize gameplay and damage output.

But how do I know which Outro skills can help my characters?

  1. Keep an eye out for future guides.
  2. The kit descriptions of characters usually mention which type of attack damage your different skills belong to.

For example:

  • Jiyan's liberation - Heavy Attack damage
  • Chixia's Forte - Skill damage
  • Calcharo's Forte (during his liberation) - Liberation damage
  • Calcharo's Forte (not during his liberation) - Heavy Attack damage

From this information which Outro skills will be most beneficial for Jiyan / Calcharo?

For Jiyan, Mortefi's 38% Heavy Attack damage amplification is BiS for Jiyan's damage. Aalto's 23% Aero damage is a weaker buff, and since 90% of Jiyan's damage comes from his liberation which scales off of Heavy Attack damage.

For Calcharo, during his liberation most of the damage will be liberation and then normal attack. Thus Sanhua, Jianxin, and Yinlin are great options. Yinlin has proved to be Calcharo's best sub-DPS duo as of CBT2 testing. Her 20% Electro & 25% Liberation damage amplification proved really useful to his damage distribution.

Is Outro the Only Important Factor?

Not necessarily. Character synergy can be found in many ways, not just through Outro skills. Cooldown timings, field time, energy generation... there are quite a lot of factors that go into play. Sanhua has proved to be a great generalist sub-DPS due to her low field time, good damage, and high energy generation (characters that are off the field gain 50% of the energy you generate with your fielded character).

Outro skills are very important, but most of them disappear upon leaving the field. Since Wuthering Waves' combat is all about utilizing all of your characters as much as possible, swapping is a very crucial part of the combat. But remember, it specifically states that the resonator has to leave the field. Which means when you perform swap canceling, and you have multiple characters on the field, as long as they don't physically leave and you swap correctly, you should be able to maintain your buffs obtained from Outro skills.


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