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This guide covers all available NPCs that sell items at a limited and unlimited quantity, as well as what to aim for based on your progress and their location.

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Disclaimer: NPCs sell various items at a unlimited amount. Please spend your Shell Credits responsibly, as you can buy a set amount of items on a unlimited amount.
For example: If Panhua sells Skewers at 3000 credits, and you have 1 million credits; you can buy up to 333 Skewers in one purchase by accident.


Let's start on Jinzhou, we have:

  • Panhua
  • Mahe
  • Ganxue
  • Koko
  • Uncle Wei
  • Chenpi
  • Synthesis Table

Panhua - Recipe and Food Seller

Panhua sells a range of foods that grants various buffs or restore stamina and a couple of recipes that only need to buy once. Once bought, those recipes are learned automatically and can be crafted at a kitchen or cooking pot.

Mahe - Ingredient Seller

Mahe sells ingredients of all sorts; which most cannot be found in the overworld, making cooking a lot easier! Keep in mind that some ingredients are sold at limited quantities at a high cost.

Ganxue uses a special type of limited currency, only obtainable from opening chests around the Huanglong Region. This kind of shop might appear in different regions on future versions of the game!
She sells some of the most important items in the game, such as Standard Banner Convenes, Weapon EXP, Character EXP and Echo EXP. She also sells recipes, weapon materials and tuners! You can obtain Shell Credits from her but keep in mind: There's two options and one is limited for a set amount, while the other is unlimited for a lower amount.

Ganxue - Jhinzou's Souvenir Store

Koko - Shifang Pharmacy and Flora Seller

Koko sells flowers, herbs and medicine, used for various crafts, cooking and ascending characters!
Some of these flowers are sold 15 per week and are very important for your character ascension after Lv40! You can check out which characters use which flowers at our character guide.

Uncle Wei - Weapon and Weapon Material Seller

Wei sells various materials and weapons, used for ascending both characters AND weapons in the early game. These 1 and 2-star weapons can also be used as Weapon EXP- although it's not recommended. Keep in mind that the weapon materials are sold at a limited quantity, 20 per week, and a steep price.

Chenpi - Relic Merchant

Chenpi isn't a NPC that sells you items but grants you rewards for every set of Sonata Caskets you bring him. By completing all 10 levels, you'll receive Wavebands for Rover; which unlock some of your Sequence Chains for Spectro Rover and Havoc Rover.
No worries, there is leftover Sonata Casket to make the grind easier.
If you need help collecting the Sonata Caskets, I suggest you using our Interactive Map!

Synthesizer - Constructing

Why include the Synthezier?
This NPC can be used to craft all sorts of materials, medicine and revival items. However, it can also craft 10 2-star Weapon EXP items per day for 20 ore and 8 2-star Echo EXP items per day for 48 ore. It's fair to include it in this list as it can come in handy for the early or mid-game progression.

Tiger's Maw

Next, we have Tiger's Maw Mine:

  • Xingping
  • Hua Yu
  • Shilang

Note: Certain NPCs, such as Shilang, require you to fully complete the Tiger's Maw exploration quest chain: Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life.

Xinping - Tiger's Maw Food Seller

Xinping, similar to Panhua, sells various dishes that can buffs stats or restore stamina, sold at an unlimited amount.

Hua Yu - Yibai Clinic

Hua Yu sells medicine and various animals found in the overworld. These can be used to create "Tablets" at the Synthesizer, which grants various effects; such as Concerto Energy, immunity to fatal damage or decrease the vibration strength of your enemy when parrying. These effects can affect various challenges in the overworld- however it does NOT work in the Tower of Adversity.

Shilang - Tiger's Maw Material Seller

And finally, Shilang. This NPC sells you various important items, such as a 4-star Weapon Selector Box, Weapons and Forte materials and Weapon EXP items. However, he only deals in Lampylumen, an ore that can only be found within Tiger's Maw and it's caverns. Once you finish the Tiger's Maw Exploration quest, you should farm Lampylumen and get the 4-star Weapon Selector box.
This box contains one of the 5 craftable 4-star wea`pons. After purchasing the box, you can check each weapon's main stat and pick based on your available characters and what they scale off.

Mt. Firmament - Hongzhen

And finally the last area of Huanglong: Mt. Firmament. Specifically the town Hongzhen.
Access to this Area requires completion of Act 1 Chapter 6 of the main story.
Access to any NPC within Mt. Firmament requires you to fully complete: Act 1 Chapter 7 Thaw of Eons!

  • Xian'ge
  • Danhua

Xian'ge - Windchimer Delivery

Similar to Chenpi, you must collect Windchimer and deliver them to Xian'ge. Once you complete all 6 levels, you'll receive another 4 Wavebands for Spectro Rover and Havoc Rover.
If you need help collecting them, our Interactive Map also covers Windchimers.

Danhua - Hongzhen's Souvenir Store

Similar to Ganxue, Danhua sells trinkets and food recipes that might be useful for your journey around Mt.Firmament. He trades these goods for Wood chips, found from opening chests and solving puzzles around Mt.Firmament. Please, spend them responsibly.

Hope this guide helps and for more guides, make sure to check the guide section!


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