Weapon System Guide

Wuthering Waves features 5 weapon classes in which are:

  • Sword
  • Broadblade
  • Duel Pistols
  • Gauntlet
  • Rectifier

Every character uses a different weapon, however, some characters have their own fighting style with a unique weapon presented when they attack, like Jiyan who uses a spear/polearm, or Baizhi who attacks using You'tan.

Equipping a strong weapon is a really important factor when it comes to building a character.

Every weapon in the game comes with a Base ATK (which combines with character's individual Base ATK (weapon Base ATK + character Base ATK = Total Base ATK), a secondary stat, which can range from ATK%, HP%, DEF%, Crit RATE%, Crit DMG%, Energy Recharge%.

Finally every weapon has a passive effect, which is different for each weapon. Sometimes the passives require a condition to trigger, like releasing a Resonance Skill to gain an effect.

Attaching a weapon that is useful for your character is key, to know which weapons are good on different characters, stay tuned for future guides. For now, there are a few weapons to mention.

There is a 3-Star weapon set in the game that gives ER% and a passive that grants a flat amount of Resonance Energy (energy for your ultimate / liberation), when using a Resonance Skill. This weapon can be great on supports who need their liberation don't need much damage, since the weapon is a 3-Star rarity, the Base ATK it gives is lower, and with an ER% secondary stat.

There is also a 4-Star weapon set in the game similar to the previous one with ER%, but gives Conerto Energy after using Resonance Skill (concerto energy = outro skill). This weapon can be good on supports but also Amplifying DPS characters like Mortefi, who want to charge their Outro Skill fast while also needing energy to use their Liberation as the weapons give ER% secondary stat.

There are the 5-Star Standard weapons that are good alternatives to most characters if you don't have a good other option to give them. They have a 100% drop rate with a selector in the Standard Weapon Banner.

Lastly, there are the "Signature Weapons". Signature weapons are the best in slot weapons for a limited character, made specifically for them (like Jiyan, Yinlin). These weapons give a massive boost to performance, however, will cost a lot of pulls to get. Since weapons only affect damage and not gameplay, it is recommended to stay away from Limited Weapon Banners if you are a F2P. The Standard one is fine because you can accumulate standard pulls with time to spend on the Standard Weapon Banner.

It is recommended to avoid spending resources on weapon rarities below 4-Stars, unless you are in the early-mid game and lack weapon options, leveling up a 3-Star weapon can be fine.

Resonance Level

Every weapon has a "Resonance" level. It affects the strength of the weapon passive effects are.
From R1->R5, you can sacrifice dupes of the same weapon to improve the Resonance level. For 3-Star weapons it is recommended to increase their level to R5, as they are very common and you can easily get another copy of the weapon to use on a different character. However it is a different story with 4-Star & 5-Star weapons.

Specifically 5-Star weapons you almost NEVER want to sacrifice because the improvement is extremely small and it is much better to have another copy ready to use on another character.
For 4-Star weapons, it can be good to have 2-3 copies of a weapon before you increase it's Resonance level.


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